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A Guide To Solar Shading

7 ways our products can transform your home

A Guide To Solar Shading

Whether you’re building an extension, renovating your existing home or embarking on a new build, one thing is guaranteed, it will include large expanses of glazing in terms of sliding/folding doors, panoramic windows and sky/roof lights.

This type of glazing brings many advantages to a building. Along with providing an unhindered view, it creates a feeling of openness and endless space and allows a room to flood with natural daylight, all important factors for well-being and the enjoyment of an area.

However, glazed areas of any description are the single biggest cause of excessive solar heat gain and unwanted glare in homes. This results in a space that is uncomfortable and impractical as it's far too bright and hot to enjoy.

Even if an all-glass room, such as a glass box or conservatory, is fitted with solar control glass, this can easily exceed internal temperatures of 40°C on a warm Summer’s day.

With Caribbean Blinds offering the most comprehensive and diverse range of external solar shading systems in the UK, there's never been a better time to see for yourself how solar shading can transform your property and allow you to maximise the potential of your home.

Here we reveal 7 different ways solar shading proves to be both an innovative and invaluable investment for your property:

1. Comfort: Solar shading effectively blocks sunlight resulting in much cooler interior temperatures. This comfortable climate allows you to enjoy the entirety of your house all year round, even during the height of Summer.

2. Style: As everyone’s property is different, the same should apply for their solar shading solution. Solar shading is available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs so you can seamlessly compliment your property to suit your personal taste and exact requirements.

3. Eco-Friendly: Solar shading helps to lower your property’s carbon footprint, making it a great environmentally-friendly choice.External Roller Blinds
England's first certified Passivhaus house, as featured on Grand Designs, showcasing our ozone-friendly external roller blinds.

4. Safety: Solar shading blocks harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays from entering your home, so you can safely enjoy your outside space with complete peace of mind that you and your family are fully protected from the sun.

5. Economical: With solar shading drastically reducing indoor temperatures, the demand for air conditioning is considerably less, enabling you to regularly save money on ventilation methods.

6. Light: As solar shading optimizes the use of natural daylight, there is less need for artificial lighting, saving both money and energy on a regular basis.

7. Less Glare: With the addition of solar shading you can wave goodbye to glare, caused by direct sunlight falling on objects in a room. Solar shading enhances visual comfort, providing dramatically improved conditions for offices and homes alike for a much more productive and enjoyable environment.External Roof Blinds
If you'd like to receive a brochure showcasing our entire range of solar shading products, fill in an enquiry form today.