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Barbados Model Awning Discontinued

After 13 years of service, our Barbados awning, once a top seller, is now retired.

Launched at the turn of the Millenium, our Barbados awning (baby brother to the premium Bahamas model awning) perfectly bridged the gap between the non cassette awning (where the fabric, folding arms and operating mechanism are exposed when retracted) and the full cassette awning (where all the parts are protected when retracted from the elements). With its 3/4 flush fitting cassette casing, easy ‘hook on’ installation brackets and adjustment methods similar to the Bahamas awning, the Barbados became a firm favourite patio awning for residential applications. 

In 2005 we added the ultra-modern Tortola model awning to our range, which like the Barbados was an end fix awning with hook on fixing brackets and able to achieve the same widths and projections but unlike the Barbados it features a full cassette casing (instead of 3/4) and with a price point not too de-similar to the Barbados it wasn't long before the Tortola took away sales from the Barbados awning.

8 years since the Tortola was introduced it is now our no.1 domestic patio awning, however, it has resulted in the demise of the Barbados awning. At the end of 2012 a decision was taken to offer the Barbados awning during 2013 on a WIGIG (when it's gone it's gone) basis to clear remaining stocks - and that time is now. With stocks deplete, the Barbados is now at the end of it's impressive 13 year era.

We will continue to stock spares for the Barbados awning for the next 5 years to fulfil any potential guarantee / parts requirements but will no longer be producing the awning as from today.