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Increase in external shading prices due to Brexit

Since the UK voted to leave the EU (Brexit), the pound has weakened significantly against the Euro dropping by around 20%, meaning the cost of exchanging money and subsequently buying from Europe has significantly increased.

As we manufacture our own products, we are not affected as much by the weak exchange rate like our competitors, smaller retailers who import readymade products from abroad, shipped into the UK and therefore subsequently have to pass a large price increase to you as the consumer because of the poor exchange rate. Having said this, a large number of our aluminium profiles are extruded in Europe along with fabrics woven and therefore because of the weaker pound, we will have to pass a price increase on in the new year to cover the additional cost of raw materials.

As we still have 2 months until our new prices will take affect, if you are considering external shading but are not ready for installation till the new year, you can now place an order for installation in 2017 but at 2016 prices. All you need to do is make sure you have your survey carried out by Friday 9th December and an order placed with us (including deposit) by Friday 16th December (when our factory closes for our annual winter shutdown).

If you would like to book a free detailed site survey and expert consultation, please call one of our helpful team on 0344 800 1947 or complete our quick enquiry form here. Now is the ideal time to place an order for external blinds, patio awnings or louvered roofs.