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Changes To External Blinds & Awnings Performance Requirements

Draft proposal aims to raise the standards

All external blinds and awnings manufactured in the EU have to meet minimum standards as set out in EN 13561 – performance requirements for blinds and awnings mounted externally onto buildings, following which the CE marking can be applied. This declaration by a manufacturer shows purchasers that the products they are buying meet the minimum set quality and safety standards.

Currently there is a draft proposal for changes to the current standard, which were last updated in 2008. The key proposed modifications to the previous edition are:

  • Integration of pergola awnings (fixed frame awnings)
  • Additional wind class ratings for guided blinds (ie external roller blinds)
  • Inclusion for testing of the wind resistance of the non retractable parts of blinds such as the headbox and side guides
  • Inclusion of the total solar energy transmittance of the blind for its application
  • Alignment of the assessment and verification of constancy of performance with the European template
  • Declaration of performance and CE marking to include the gtot (total solar energy transmission) figure

The draft document is open for review and comments until 14th December 2014, following which, it will ratified (or not) by one of the three European Standard Organisations. If there are no substantiated objections, the draft revised standard could come into force in as quick as 3 months, superseding the current version.

At Caribbean, we welcome any positive changes to standards as it helps to raise quality, enhance performance, increase safety and above all boost professionalism. Our technical partners are currently reviewing the draft document and will provide their comments & opinions to the proposed revisions within the required timeframe. We will update you as soon as we know what the outcome is.