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Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down

Our Outdoor Living Pods are not just for summer.

Umbrella, Rain, Weather, Cold, Wet, British

The weather has been very good to us over last couple of weeks, many of us have spent our leisure time relaxing in the great outdoors enjoying the benefits of the sun. The heat naturally conveys a joyful atmosphere, bringing in new smells and sounds that are considered summer vibes. The distinct BBQ smells had been a regular occurrence on every street corner, the repetitive sound of the rusty springs on a trampoline and dogs to be seen everywhere you walk. This is what summer is about, socialising and connecting with the outdoors, when the heat is turned up there are smiles all round. As with all good things they usually come to an end, what goes up, must come down.

Outdoor Living Pod, Pergola, Louvered Roof, Caribbean Blinds

We were on such a good streak with the sun but this week we sadly witnessed the weather take a typical British turn. What started off as a sunny Monday morning quickly turned into a charging force of cloud and wind blocking out the solar delights. As we were photo shooting our Prestige Outdoor Living Pod™ during the two hour window of sunshine, we were able to see our innovative product living up to its amazing features.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, Gutter, Caribbean BlindsOutdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, Gutter, Caribbean Blinds

Our Outdoor Living Pod™ consists of electronically operated aluminium louvers that have been specifically designed and engineered to interconnect and create a tight seal to make it water, wind and even snow proof. Any rain that is on the roof will effectively run down the perfectly aligned louvers and drain off into the integrated guttering system that is located inside of the structure around the sides. The rain water will continue its journey down to the hidden guttering pipe within one of the leg post and drain out on to the ground keeping you nice and dry.

Outdoor Living Pod, Pergola, Louvered Roof, Caribbean Blinds, Heater

Not only are you able to keep dry from the harsh elements but you can all so keep warm and radiant with our infra-red eco-friendly heaters that are mounted on to the cross beams of the non-corrosive aluminium pergola structure. These top of the range heaters provide a very generous amount of direct heat that will keep you toasty through those unexpected weather turns.

You can see the benefits of our Outdoor Living Pods™ for yourself, visit our new Show Site & Shading Experience Centre and familiarise yourself with the alfresco lifestyle first hand. Our knowledgeable sales team members are here to talk you through all the great features that our products can deliver. Do not wait for the weather to pick up to see us, as you will be able to understand and see our Pods at their full potential as they battle the elements. Contact us to arrange a visit – 0344 800 1947