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Educating Consumers

Real Homes + Homebuilding & Renovating take the lead

We have recently mailed out to various home & garden magazine titles an educational editorial piece titled ‘Effective solar shading, selecting the right blinds to prevent overheating and glare’ which as the title suggests is aimed at helping consumers choose the right type of shading solution for their application and requirements.

The article is similar in many ways to the new external shading guide on the ‘Keep Cool & Save Energy With External Blinds’ page on our website, detailing how the suns energy works, how to keep a property cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, along with the types of external blinds available, however, there is one fundamental difference, that the article is completely neutral (not a sales article) remaining entirely unbiased whilst also been entirely factual.

Both Real Homes Magazine and Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine – the UK’s best selling Self Build magazine’ are running this article on their websites, with the article one of the main featured articles under the design section of the Homebuilding & Renovating website neatly nestled into the choosing Doors, Windows & Conservatories sub-section, after all, external blinds are part and parcel of modern glazing, with the cost of adding effective shading often offset by avoiding a higher specification (non effective) solar control type glazing being incorporated into the window/door system.

We hope to see other ‘homes & gardens’ type websites and magazines follow suit and run this editorial piece either as a stand alone article or as part of a wider feature, to provide their readers with the most comprehensive information when it comes to selecting effective solar shading.