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Fabrics Are Just A Click Away integrated within our main website

Awnings Fabric Selector

For the past few years, you have been able to view the different materials available for our wide range of fabric shading systems on our Shading Specifier, a dedicated online performance fabric selector where aswell as seeing all the design and colour options, you could view how well the selected fabric blocked heat in combination with your glazing type along with all other key solar and optical properties.

We’ve now integrated this fabric selector onto our main website, as we have indeed all our microsites, however, we’ve made several improvements based on user feedback.

The fabrics are now accessed through the specific product line page (ie patio awnings), with when selecting the ‘view fabrics’ tab just the applicable fabrics showing. This has allowed us to remove the filter boxes as there is no longer a need for them, which in turn means you now see 5 fabrics side by side. Additionally you see all fabrics on a single page, rather than having to scroll through multiple pages, helping you to compare the different designs and make your selection that little bit easier.

You will also notice we’ve made it even more obvious that clicking on the fabric will allow you to see a larger image of that colour / design by adding a magnifying glass to the bottom right hand corner of each image. When viewing the larger image of the fabric you can as previous see all key solar and optical properties along with a description of the fabric and in the case of external roller blinds and external roof blinds fabrics, you can select your glazing type to see the total heat block figure.

And finally mesh fabrics are no longer shown as a solid block of colour, they are shown with perforations in to clearly distinguish they are a mesh (perforated) material and not a closed weave fabric. A small detail but an important one.Blind Solar Control Mesh Fabric

Our fabric selector has been an under utilised application, however, we are hoping now that by having it integrated within the main website and even easier to use, with a simple click to view the relevant fabrics and then a second click to view a specific fabric in more detail that this useful asset becomes a popular area of the site, helping to make the fabric selection process that little bit easier.

Finally we would point out that whilst we have made every effort to ensure the colours / designs are a true representation, variations in monitor types (pixels), brightness (etc) mean they can only be reproduced on screen to a limited degree of accuracy and therefore we would always recommend you request to see a sample (which we will bring at survey) before making your final decision on fabric choice.