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Five Ideas For Bringing New Life Into Your Outside Space

Jazz up your garden this July!

Outdoor Living Pod

As the UK continues to bask in glorious sunshine, Brits up and down the country are flocking to their patios and gardens to make the most of the long-awaited warmer weather. However, if you feel your outside space could do with a little revamp ahead of the weekend, these five ideas are an instant way to breathe new life into your alfresco area.

1. If your garden's lacking in colour, purchasing a couple of vibrant planters is a great way to inject interest whilst adding a tropical feel to your outside space. Or, if you have existing planters, you can always try your hand at giving these a quick coat of paint for a fresh new look.  

2. During the Winter months lawns are often neglected, causing unsightly bare patches and weeds to emerge. Thankfully, a good fertiliser can improve the appearance of grass in a matter of days, making your garden appear all the more inviting!

Outdoor Living Pod

3. If you haven't yet considered garden lighting, it's one of the most effective ways to add character to your space as well as allowing you to enjoy Summer evenings to their full potential once the sun sets. The choice of outdoor lighting is vast, from festoon lighting to those integrated within our Outdoor Living Pod all creating an ambience which is perfect for relaxing and socialising with friends and family. 

4. An old crumbling fence is a sure-fire way to make your garden look a little worse for wear, so if you've left yours abandoned for too long, now's the time to take action! By sanding down the fence, adding a primer and a new coat of paint you can make all the difference, and you don't necessarily have to play it safe with white or brown! Black is rapidly becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners, with this deep shade adding drama and perfectly contrasting with green foliage.

5. Finally, don't forget the importance of the finishing touches! Similar to with the interior of your home, accessories can really set the scene, with new cushions, a bird bath or a barbecue set creating an ultra-welcoming environment.