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Gardens Remain A Firm Favourite On Homeowners' Wishlists

Low-maintenance spaces prove most popular

Outdoor Living Pod

A report published today discussed the way in which homeowners' tastes are changing when looking for a new property. The article explained how the search terms 'garden,' 'garage' and 'detached' were the most commonly used words, along with a 51% increase in the phrase 'furnished' compared to last year.

This was coupled with a 41% decrease in the number of people looking for 'project' properties during the past three years, suggesting today's buyers are less willing to take on a house that needs work, and instead are looking for home that can be moved into straight away without additional refurbishment costs.

Lawrence Hall, spokesman for PrimeLocation, said, "it's interesting to see how practicality has become key for house hunters, with a surge in demand for furnished properties." The rise of low maintenance homes is a trend we've spotted in recent years, with this notion extending to outdoor spaces. With homeowner's aware that an attractive landscaped area is beneficial to the enjoyment of their home, as well as providing numerous health benefits, many buyers are looking to create a desirable outdoor space without the constant upkeep.

Outdoor Living Pod

One way this can be achieved is with the addition of a fully-flexible, all-weather living space, in the form of our award-winning Outdoor Living Pod. Boasting an impressively sleek opening and closing roof which operates at the touch of the button alongside LED lighting and infra-red heating, our Pod will instantly transform any outdoor area to one of the most popular rooms in the home. Better yet, the Outdoor Living Pod requires virtually no maintenance and can be used to safely secure and protect all outdoor furniture and barbecues, enriching a low-maintenance lifestyle.