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Keep Your Cool

We unveil the best ways to stay cool during a heatwave

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What a week it’s been! With highs of 36.7°C in the UK and the good weather set to continue, whatever you’ve got planned this weekend it’s important to stay safe in the sun whilst keeping as cool as possible. We reveal the most effective ways to stay comfortable during a heatwave:

• Avoid strenuous activities such as housework and exercise- try to do these activities when the temperature’s much lower, such as during early mornings or late at night.

• Limit drinks containing caffeine and avoid alcohol to prevent dehydration. Instead, opt for water and aim to consume at least two litres a day. (Ideally three.)

• Pointing a fan towards a window helps push hot air outside, maintaining a cooler interior temperature.

• Hot air rises, so if it’s too warm to sleep in your bedroom, chances are your living room will be noticeably cooler and provide a much better night’s sleep. 

• Opening windows that are positioned in the shade helps to circulate cool air throughout the house.

• Due to their high water content, eating fruit and vegetables can be effective at lowering body temperature.

• Leaving electrical items on standby can quickly increase the temperature of your home. Make sure non-essential devices are turned off fully to keep temperatures to a minimum.

• Choose to wear cotton clothing as it’ll keep you much cooler than any synthetic material. The same applies to cotton bedding.

• Tepid baths and showers are an easy way to cool down and feel instantly refreshed.

• Keep After Sun in the fridge to provide a cooling effect for the skin after a day spent in the sun.