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Leaving other Patio Awnings in the Shade

Our Cuba patio awning has received an upgrade

Cuba Patio Awning - New End Caps

Our contemporary Cuba awning is rapidly becoming a best seller, particular with architects and interior designers thanks to it’s unique clean rectangular flush fitting design, enabling it to be built into the façade (as pictured below) or where mounted onto an existing façade appearing as unobtrusive as possible. Built In Awning

We’ve recently introduced a change to the main cassette and front profile end caps on the awning. Previously the awning came with flat aluminium colour co-ordinated plates fitted to the end of the extrusions, which whilst superior to typical awnings on the market which usually have moulded plastic caps which inevitably degrade over time, it meant there was a small gap between the front profile and main cassette end when the awning was retracted away.

The new caps are from cast aluminium which have been shaped so that the front profile closes into the main end cap, meaning no gap, providing an elegant finish (as pictured below). Whilst this is only a small update (and not entirely necessary), it shows how we continue to develop and update our products ensuring they are the very best they can be, superior to all others.Retracted Patio Awning Cuba Model

The Cuba awning can be manufactured to an impressive 14m wide and span out upto 3.75m thanks to its powerful cable tensioned spring loaded folding arms, the strongest of their type available. As standard you can choose any RAL colour for the metalwork (a choice of over 200 colours) and any material from the premium Lumera fabric collection which has self clean effect coating. Motorised operation is standard for effortless control complete with built in wind protection to auto retract the awning in case of high winds.

To find out more about our superior Cuba patio awning click here or complete our quick enquiry form to request a free digital and hard copy of our impressive product brochure.