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Outdoor Living Pod - Perfection

The finishing touches that make all the difference

Following on from the theme of yesterdays article on small improvements to our products, todays is about a pair of new end caps that are now standard on all installations of our exclusive Outdoor Living Pod.

The rail to which both the roof louvers and motor arm are connected to, which subsequently drives the louvers from closed, through 160 degrees to provide sun shade exactly where it is required, is produced from extruded aluminium which is cut to size to suit the length of the Outdoor Living Pod. This newly designed end cap simply slots in each end of this rail, so instead of seeing the cut end of the hollow aluminium section, you see a solid, neatly finished end.

Whilst this cap does not improve the functioning of the product, it shows the level of attention to detail and finishing touches we pay our products and this, along with our superior technical expertise and team of dedicated shading experts who love what they do, is what sets us apart from every other exterior solar shading company in the marketplace.