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Overcoming Obstacles

Infilling to give a clean, neat finish

When installing our outdoor living products including our Outdoor Living Pod and Patio Awnings to the rear of houses and commercial establishments, it is not uncommon to have to overcome obstacles on the wall, such as fixed soil pipes or drain pipes that cannot be moved or to be confronted with a staggered property line, where half of the property is set back from the other part but the shading system is required to run the full width.

Most companies have access to a range of standard spec brackets to overcome drainpipes and stand products off the wall, with these brackets often referred to as ‘stand off’ brackets or ‘pipe’ brackets, however, more often than not this ‘one fits all’ bracket design is not ideal and the void created is left open.

At Caribbean we take an entirely different approach…

Firstly we produce following a detailed survey, bespoke brackets for each application, that are designed using the latest CAD software, so no run of the mill one fits all bracket scenario, instead a custom bracket, designed entirely for and to suit your application. We then infill the void created by these spacer style brackets, whether its only a few inches or as much as half a metre or more in some cases, with bespoke aluminium sections laser cut to size and coated to match the hardware of the shading system itself. Not only does this infill provide a neat finish covering the custom brackets but it provides shade and rain protection to the spaced off area ensuring as you walk from inside to out you don’t get wet or find you have a light gap that causes glare inside the property from direct overhead sun.

This is just another example of how we set ourselves apart from every other exterior shading company in the industry – you just won't receive this level of care and attention to detail & finishing touches from anyone else.