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Plummerswood Passivhaus

Take a look at this innovative eco-home featuring our external roller blinds

Having bought the land from the Forestry Commission and enlisted the expertise of Gaia architects, a firm that places emphasis on eco-conscious principles, Ian and Ann Nimmo created this remarkable three-bedroom Brettstapel structure in the Scottish Borders.

Boasting stunning panoramic views, located in an area overlooking the River Tweed, this private dwelling was completed in 2011. The house was constructed in just six weeks during the harsh Winter of 2010 and has been designed to last 100+ years whilst taking into account the requirements of future generations.

In fact, the house was the first in the UK to be constructed with zero heating requirements using the Brettstapel technique. This ground-breaking method, which originated in Germany, uses prefabricated solid timber panels from softwood timber posts and hardwood timber dowels. The moisture content of the dowels is lower than that of the posts, and over time the dowels expand, locking the posts together and creating a structural load-bearing system without the use of glue or nails.

Alongside the Brettstapel technique, Passive technologies such as solar gain, super insulation and air tightness levels have been applied throughout the house to achieve the internationally-recognised Passivhaus standard. The simple L-shaped layout of the property makes the most of the east-facing slope, allowing the main interior space to maximise solar gain which reduces the need for heating.

As you can see, the windows present breathtaking views across the valley and River Tweed, whilst gathering warmth to heat the property during the cooler months. However, this surplus heat and light could create a potentially-unusable space during the height of Summer, hence the installation of our external roller blinds which maintain a much more comfortable interior temperature in Summer whilst reducing heat loss in the Winter.

By providing a physical barrier to the sun’s energy, our streamline and elegant external roller blinds allow Ian and Ann to control the solar gain whilst delivering a passively cooled and naturally lit space 365 days a year.

In fact, our external blinds are so effective at blocking unwanted solar heat gain that air conditioning units of any description are typically superfluous. By offering an innovative and economical solution in the fight against Climate Change, our external blinds are the perfect accompaniment to a Passivhaus property such as Plummerswood along with England's first-certified Passivhaus (pictured below) in the heart of the Cotswolds. 

External Roller Blinds

If you’ve been inspired by this article and would like to know more about energy-efficient buildings along with seeing our full range of state-of-the-art solar shading solutions, visit our stand at this year’s Ecobuild where we will be exhibiting from 8th-10th of March. The show, which places an emphasis on sustainability and innovative design, is a great source of inspiration for all your home improvement projects. 

Tickets are completely free of charge - click here to register, so it’s a great opportunity to see our superior products in the flesh whilst gaining expert advice direct from the UK's leading external shading specialists on the right sun protection system for your new build or refurbishment project.