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Protect your Blinds and Awnings from Frost

A quick tip to keep your shading solutions safe.

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It is starting to get to that time of year where everyone across the country will be getting up a little earlier to clear the frost from their cars to leave for work. This autumn season has been blissful with the sunshine but the early mornings and late nights are when the chill creeps in and sets into our outdoor furnishings, glazing our patios and frosting the tips of the grass. Keep your belongings free from frost damage by storing them in a dry place like the shed or garage.

External Roller Blind, Blinds, Antiguan, Glazing, Windows, Doors, Window Blinds, Outdoor Roller Blinds, Window Awnings

If you own a Caribbean Blinds External Blind or Outdoor Awning then you may have some concerns in regards to maintenance during the colder seasons, well we would like to reassure you that all our External Shading Solutions have been specially engineered with robust aluminium hardware and weatherproof fabric to battle the elements, which is why our systems are superior to others. Although this is the case we still advise all our clients to be extra vigilant during frosty temperatures to ensure the longevity of their Window Blinds or Garden Awnings. Check the weather night before and make sure the Shading Solutions are retracted back into their protective aluminium casings and not exposed to any harsh weather during the night. If you are not using your blinds or awnings it is always best practise to close them away, if you leave home and forget then you can always link your solution to our Tahoma Smart Home Hub System which will give you full control of your soltuion via an app. A peice of mind through your smart phone or tablet.

If you would like more advice on your External Roller Blinds, External Roof Light Blinds and Patio Awnings then call our team on 0344 800 1947 or email us on