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Seamless Glass Extensions

Here is how you apply solar protection to a seamless glass extension.

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awing, Patio Awning, Sun Awning

Using large expanses of glass in a building design is a common trend in the United Kingdom, it creates an open airy feel but it also comes with its disadvantages which we have mentioned in a previous blog. Glass is commonly known to magnify the solar rays and intensify the temperature within the internal environment which is why it is ideal to apply solar protection on the exterior side of the glass using External Roller Blinds and Roof Blinds, but what if you have a glass room extension that uses seamless glass?

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awing, Patio Awning, Sun Awning

Obviously when we apply our external shading systems we would require a space to attach our fixings in order to place the blind system in front of the glazed area. With seamless glass extensions this leaves us no space to place our fixings so the alternative solution to External Roller Blinds and Roof Blinds is to use our innovative Patio Awnings. As long as there is a space above the extension on the façade of the building we can apply a sun awning that will sit directly above the glass extension. By fixing a garden awning to the exterior wall we are able to avoid touching the seamless glass and retaining its visual aesthetics, this way you have a solar protection unit that can be retracted at any time.

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awing, Patio Awning, Sun Awning

At Caribbean Blinds we have been providing shading solutions to the nation for over 30 years so we are very familiar with the common issues and we have a dedicated and experienced design team that are able to overcome these hurdles so that you can enjoy your space. If you would like to find out more then contact us today using our quick enquiry form and receive your FREE detailed brochure or alternatively you can call one of our knowledgeable team members on 0344 800 1947.