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Sliding Or Bi-fold Doors?

We put both to the test!

External Roller Blinds

Allow us to solve your door dilemmas as we weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you choose the perfect entrance for your outside space. 

One of the most notable differences between each design is that bi-fold doors allow you to choose whether they open outwards or inwards, giving greater flexibility to ensure they suit their surroundings. Having said this, sliding doors typically offer greater control, because you can open them slightly for a light breeze or entirely if you really want to make the most of the outdoors.

Sliding doors tend to be the more ‘traditional’ choice, but bi-fold doors are particularly useful for smaller entrances such as those with an opening of less than two metres. Whilst sliding doors can be opened by two-thirds, bi-fold doors can be opened entirely to bring the outside indoors and vice-versa. The design of a bi-fold door means a certain amount of their aluminum frame will be visible, whereas sliding doors can support vast panes of glass to deliver unobstructed views.

In terms of installation, sliding doors entail less structural demands than bi-fold that often require a greater deal of framework. Having said this, sliding doors require a wide deep track (particularly on runners) and are less convenient to open and close regularly. Bi-fold doors, however, allow for a greater transition between home and garden with easier accessibility overall. In spite of this, sliding doors open and close in-line, so they’re less protruding compared to bi-fold that can be intrusive when opened inwards. 

As you can see, each option offers various benefits depending on your requirements, outside space and style preferences. All of this said, with sliding doors offering a greater glass surface area and an in-line opening, we’d recommend sliding doors as our preferred choice for seamlessly linking your home to your garden. What’s more, they’re the ideal choice for installing external roller blinds courtesy of Caribbean Blinds!