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Smart Meter Installation

Possible disruption so please bear with us.

Electric Meter, Company

As part of a government mandate, our electricity provider is upgrading our electricity meter tomorrow Friday 27th January to an AMR (automated meter reading) solution. This change is taking place at 7am and should be complete within 90 minutes, so before our offices open at 9am, however, as with any major electrical installation, this could run over and cause a slight delay in getting our systems (including phones) up and running at the start of the working day.

If you do have any problems contacting us by phone on Friday morning or there is a delay in us responding to your email/enquiry, please do bear with us. With any luck, there will be no disruption in our service. 

What is AMR metering?

AMR meters precisely record electricity consumption data at regular half hourly intervals, which is then retrieved via a communications link. This allows accurate bills to be produced and avoids the need (and carbon footprint) of sending someone to manually check the meter.