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Troubleshooting tips for if your exterior blinds don’t function

With the bout of bright, sunny weather we’ve been experiencing over the past 10 days or so, many people are beginning to dust off their external blinds & awnings and use them for the first time this year.

After a phone call earlier in the week, where a clients awning would not function after they had left it dormant over the Winter period and it transpired the awning had simply been unplugged, we thought we would post these common problem solving tips to get your blinds working again, should they not after their winter hibernation…

  • Make sure your blind is plugged in (if it is fitted with a plug and not hard wired into a fuse spur).
  • Make sure the power source (socket / spur) is switched on.
  • If the blind is wired into a fuse spur check the fuse has not blown and replace it if necessary.
  • If the blind power cable is fitted with a plug and connected to a socket, check the fuse spur in the plug has not blown and replace if necessary along with checking that the socket it is plugged into is functioning fine – simply plugging in another electrical appliance such as vacuum or hairdryer to see if these work will determine if there is a problem with the socket, if there is, seek an electrician to remedy.
  • In both the above check that the circuit breaker (main fuse board) has not tripped and switch it back on if it has.
  • Check there is no damage to any visible part of the power cable from the blind to the socket / fuse spur. If there is, contact our service department (or an electrician) to organise the repair.
  • Check the transmitter is functioning fine. When any of the buttons are pressed the led on the front should light up red. If it does not, replace the batteries in the transmitter and check again. If still no joy, contact our service team to rectify.
  • Check there are no obstructions preventing your blind from opening and if there is remove them carefully.