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New Year, New Garden

It’s time get your garden renovation plans in motion.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, New Year, Garden Renovation, Renovations

The New Year is great time of the year to make changes and set goals to better ourselves and the environment around us, whether it is to live a healthier lifestyle or make progress in our careers, these goals are good to keep us focused and aligned to a flourishing path.

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The Caribbean Blinds 2018 Photoshoot Highlights

We have picked our 3 favourite photoshoots of the year.

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It has been a great year for Caribbean Blinds as we have been involved in some amazing projects and our Digital Team have been put hard at work gathering content to highlight our workmanship to inspire our clients for their future ventures. This stunning imagery will be used next year on our new brochure and website that we will be expecting to launch Easter next year. These are going to important milestones for Caribbean blinds in 2019 as we push further to progress and give our clients an enhanced experience. Next year we will be pushing to collate more rich content so for now here is a highlight of our favourite photoshoots in 2018.

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Puerto Rico Pergola Awning Photoshoot

Teddington – Richmond

Awnings, Awning, Garden Awnings, Patio Awnings, Sun Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Outdoor Awnings, Puerto Rico Pergola Awning, Pergola Awning, Fabric Canopy, Canopy, Pergola , Sails

The Digital Team have been making the most of the late autumn sunshine getting those last few photoshoots in before the winter sets in and takes over. We managed to get an invite to see our clients in their beautiful townhouse home in Richmond, we were very eager to shoot this stunning Puerto Rico Pergola Awning as our team have a done a wonderful job in designing the perfect fabric canopy that coincides with the rest of their external features.

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