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Is the Low Winter Sun Causing Issues in your Home?

We have a shading solution that can help.

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The low winter sun is here and it is causing issues in most homes that consist of large glazed features such as sliding and bi-folding doors, conservatories and glass room extensions. One issue is light glare, this is caused by the sun making direct contact with the glass which can cause quite a distraction and sometimes disrupt your daily routine. If you are in a working environment this is certainly something you want to avoid; when the sunlight hits the computer screens or any digital displays this can be a nuisance as the light can cause glare that makes it difficult to see. For those homes that comprise of a lot of glazing, such as glass room extensions and conservatories, are vulnerable to solar heat gain. This is caused by the sun’s solar rays being magnified by the glass causing a heat build which can cause discomfort. So how can we combat these issues?

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Keep your Blinds, Awnings and Outdoor Living Pods™ Storm Safe

Here is what you need to do next time there is a storm.


Last week we experienced some terrible weather as Storm Ali made a visit and caused distress all over the country. Now that we are out of the summer season, weather conditions will change and become more unpredictable, so it is important to be ready, which is why we are writing this article to give you some crucial tips to keep your Blinds, Awnings and Outdoor Living Pods™ out of harm’s way.

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Automated External Blinds Will Help You Beat The Heat

Apply External Shading over your glazing to eliminate Solar Heat Gain.

Cayman Roof Blinds, Roof Blind, Glass Room Extension, Conservatory, Skylight, Skylight Blinds, Rooflight Blinds

As much as we love this hot spell we are experiencing it is hard not to complain about the uncomfortable humid heat and it is only set to get worse as we get deeper into the summer season. Our homes are our sanctuary to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work and it’s not nice to come back to a warm welcome that is going to leave you frustrated. External Shading is the most effective solution to reduce the internal temperature inside your home but first you need to understand why it happens.

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The Home Tech Future

SMART tech will give you control and piece of mind.

Technology, Tech, Gadgets

Technology is moving at a very fast pace and we are continuously seeing more and more advanced and innovative products on the market, all designed to make our lives easier by using SMART applications that will eliminate the unwanted stresses of life. A technology that is becoming more common in household objects is voice control along with SMART phone software.

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Let’s Talk Tech

We take a look at SMART features that could change your way of living.

Tablet, Technology

Technology is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. It has no signs of slowing down as we continue to see more and more innovative products make their way into our homes. There is so much choice out there for us, products that can cost you a real fortune and those that simply have a purpose of making us lazy. We want to sieve through all of that and bring to you SMART Home Technology that can truly make a difference to your everyday lives.

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Don’t Get Caught in the Wind with your Awning

Protect your awning with SMART technology.

Wind, Weather

It’s that time of year where the weather is against us making it hard to judge the day and dress accordingly. Is it going to rain? Is it going to snow? And sometimes the winter sun makes an occasional appearance to throw us right off. It is always good to be prepared and plan ahead, equipping yourself with an umbrella or have the appropriate amount of layers on, but the world is not as perfect as that. The unpredictable British weather can take a sudden turn and have you caught in what feels like the middle of a wind tunnel. Wind can be a disastrous force and it should not be reckoned with, it can take down trees and the tiles on your roof, it can create monstrous waves destructing and eroding the coast lines. If Mother Nature can take down such strong and solid objects it will cause damage to exposed external shading solutions, in particular retractable folding arm awnings.

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Sensing Technology

Automated shading solutions make easy living.

Rain, Sensor, Technology, Blinds, External, Awning

The British weather can be hard to predict most of the time, when the weather is good it is great but when the weather takes a sudden turn and catches us off guard then this can be a disappointment, especially when you have left the clothes outside to dry or mid-way through a BBQ. As technology continues to advance we continuously seek out these solutions to make our lives run smoother with far fewer altercations.

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2017 Top 4 Smart Gadgets So Far

Make your home smart, safe, secure and happy.

Smart, Tech, Phone, App, Smart Hub, Caribbean Blinds

Technology has advanced so far and so quickly over the past few years and it is great to see new innovations making their way into our homes. A lot of products we are seeing have been designed with specific reasons, either to make our busy lives a little less busy or for peace of mind. We have put together a list of 4 Smart Home gadgets that are worth considering.

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Are you returning home to a stuffy welcome?

Room, Hot, Sun, Humid, Caribbean Blinds, Windows, Glass, Sofa, Blinds, External Blinds

We are starting to see a rise in the temperature as we go deeper into spring and many of us are already spending our spare time relaxing outside or tending to the garden chores. With summer only a few weeks away, this is when we will start to feel the real heat from the sun.

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Staying Smart

Are you making smart moves in your home?

smart homes, technology, tablet, internet

In a world where we are surrounded by technology, we are becoming more reliant on it to increase our productivity. In the past decade there have been some technological breakthroughs which have impacted our lives and the way in which we function.

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