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The Bi-Fold Movement

Extending the indoors to the outdoors.

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A trend is emerging this year as the nation is spending more time in their outdoor space. This year 75% of homeowners will be out in the garden relaxing, entertaining and tending to the shrubs. We are becoming more connected to our natural environment as our weather warms up; new trends are emerging as lifestyle choices are changing.

Bi-fold doors are a contemporary, low maintenance and versatile product that is very popular amongst designers and homeowners. This style of door is designed to flood light into the internal environment and open up rooms; ideal if you are very limited on space.

Integrating these refined features to the external architecture of a building will create an aesthetic divide between the outdoors and indoors. With its great technological sliding and folding mechanisms, the divide can be compacted to create a free moving space connecting and extending the living space to the natural environment. With the current trend of Brits spending more time outdoors, you can see why Bi-Fold doors are becoming a common sight on building designs.

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At Caribbean Blinds we are often visiting clients that have these doors in their homes and businesses. We are requested to install our Folding Arm Awnings to provide them with optional shading when the solar heat can get too much. This product is a popular shading solution when it comes to covering Bi-fold doors, as they are able to provide protection from harmful UV rays and still allow you to enjoy the open space living.

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