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The Season To Be Outdoors

Our tensioned exterior roof blinds create a sultry alfresco terrace at one of London's top alfresco dining spots.

We’re a nation that at the first glimmer of sunshine love to get outdoors. With the recent heat wave, thats continued into August, has put together a top 10 favourite restaurants for alfresco dining in London list and we’re excited to see that Ping Pong Southbank is ranked no. 5.

The terrace at Ping Pong, described by the editor as a ‘sheltered pocket of calm’ features 6 of our Cayman tensioned roof blinds which provide a retractable roof to the bespoke steelwork structure that defines the almost 700 square foot terrace located at the entrance to the Festival Hall and adjacent to the many outdoor markets that take place throughout the year.

Amongst its vibrant surroundings and packed full of culture, Ping Pong is the perfect alfresco spot to enjoy some delicious dim sum, protected from the elements in the style.

To find out how we can transform your terrace into the heart and soul of your restaurant, creating a stylish and sophisticated alfresco spot that's much more than your run of the mill parasol dotted veranda that Londons awash with, visit our website and be inspired.