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The Warmest February on Record

Could this be a heads up from Mother Nature?

Over the last week many of you will have been enjoying the warm winter weather, strangely those three words together are very uncommon. For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom temperatures have risen above 20C in February, it was only a few weeks ago we were moaning about the painfully freezing conditions and this time last year the UK was up against the snowy blizzards that put this country to a standstill. Britain’s climate is changing and we need change and adapt with it.

Global warming is an issue we all need to face, we all have a part to play as our actions, as little as they may be, are contributing to the detrimental effect of our country’s climate causing irregular and unexpected patterns in the weather.  As relaxing as the sunshine may be in February we should not overlook that this is a sign from Mother Nature that something is not right.

So how can Caribbean Blinds help you to tackle global warming? For over 30 years we have been the leading experts in manufacturing and supplying the nations most innovative and superior External Shading Solutions. Our External Blinds sophisticated design is specifically engineered to combat the British elements whilst reducing your energy consumption.

By applying our robust aluminium systems over the external side of your glazed windows and doors we are able to create a first line of defence against solar radiation penetrating through and causing your internal temperatures to rise. Internal blinds can not perform anywhere near the performance of our External Window Blinds as the solar properties and external application make this the most efficient natural cooling system that will help you to avoid using air conditioning systems and fans to cool your property. Our Outdoor Blinds use a very low amount of power to deploy the fabric protection and all our system can come fitted with sun sensors to ensure maximum efficiency.

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These may be a more costly approach but these outside blinds are a long-term investment that will help you save energy, save money and most importantly save the planet from global warming. Make smart choices with our SMART blinds today – 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can leave your details using our quick enquiry form.