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Too Much Glazing

The flaw in some contemporary homes.

Modern Home, Contemporary, Architecture, Bathroom

The growing trend of architectural designs that incorporate glazing is not something that is likely to fade out anytime soon. There are more and more building design masterpieces that are being built with large expanses of glass as the main features, they create a stunning effect, flooding in lots of light into the internal space. If they are not designed right with the appropriate cooling systems in place then they can cause issues later down the line.

Modern Home, Contemporary, Architecture, Building Design

One of the vital aspects of a building design is to create a well-lit space to make the atmosphere feel free which is why glazing is an imperative design feature that is needed. A disadvantage that comes with large expanses of glass is that it can create unwanted solar heat gain that can cause discomfort. When the solar rays make contact with glass it magnifies the heat causing the internal temperatures to rise.

External Roller Blinds, Roof Blinds, Windows

At Caribbean Blinds we often work with architects to create solar shading systems to apply over the glazed spaces to reduce the impact of solar radiation. By installing external roller blinds, external roof blinds and patio awnings we can implement a defence against these harmful rays as the first point of contact will be against the robust external fabrics rather than the glass. Our automated external blinds can be fitted with SMART sensors that can detect light and heat and deploy the blinds to restore the balance of the internal space.

Patio Awnings, Awnings, Contemporary

With over 30 years’ experience in the external blinds industry we have a solid reputation, our innovative and reliable contemporary shading systems is what attracts architects to our company time and time again. If you would like to receive more information on how you can eliminate solar heat gain issues in your home then fill out our quick enquiry form and receive your FREE detailed brochure or alternatively you can speak to one of our experienced team members today on 0344 800 1947.