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Blinds & Shutters Magazine gets to know one of our company Directors

Caribbean Blinds Question Time

The latest issue of Blinds & Shutters magazine, the leading journal for everyone involved in the interior and exterior solar shading industry, from manufacturers to retailers features a 2 page exclusive question & answer session with our Sales & Marketing Director, Stuart Dantzic, who reveals all about business and personal…

How did you become involved in the blinds industry?  

I grew up around the family business, from as early as I can remember I was helping out. I’ve done everything from sweeping the factory floor, to cutting aluminium profiles, confectioning materials of all sizes, assembling the various external shading systems and installing them on all types of buildings. Now I specify solar shading for high end commercial and residential applications across the country, with noteable projects worked on including AHMM architects London offices, England's first Passivhaus, Oxford university's new Harvard style lecture theatre and Vogue's penthouse.

What excites you about the blinds industry? 

The endless opportunities. Every day brings new projects with different requirements and details to the next, which keeps everything interesting, especially when we find new uses for our products or ways to overcome installation issues that other companies have said are not possible. We thrive on a challenge, as it puts our knowledge and experience to the test.

What services does your company offer? 

We’re a manufacturer and installer of external shading solutions. From external roller and roof blinds that control the entry of solar heat and light into buildings, to patio awnings for alfresco living and our award winning louvered roof – Outdoor Living Pod, the garden room with a twist that transforms outdoor spaces of all sizes to the favourite room in the home, that can be enjoyed all year round.

Are people aware of the regulations that they will need to comply with in the near future?

I think people are aware broadly speaking of the regulations, however, whether they fully understand them and their implications I don’t believe so. There are so many regulations to keep aware and comply with that certainly as a company we feel employing the services of an external company ensures we keep on top of them.

Who has been the biggest influence in your career? 

That’s a hard question, however, my parent's determination and desire to succeed along with can do attitude has certainly rubbed off on me. All the team who work for CB want to see the company go from strength to strength and are constantly engaging with me about what we’re, the company, is doing next to grow and move forward and this certainly adds to my desire to want to drive the company forward, with everyone sharing in our success.  

What is the question you are most often asked in your business life?

Normally, especially at exhibitions its ‘where are your products made’ and I’m pleased and proud to say that all our products are manufactured by our team of highly trained technicians at our state of the art manufacturing facility in the heart of Suffolk, along with installations carried out by our own teams (no sub-contractors) to ensure the very highest levels of workmanship. 

What are the best/worst things about your job? 

The best thing is by far the varying range of projects I work on and properties I get to visit, with views you just cannot imagine. The best most recently was the panoramic view I got to experience of London whilst standing on the roof of a penthouse apartment in Trafalgar square, it was priceless. The worst thing has to be the level of travelling, not because of the mileage but traffic, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting stationary on the motorway.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry? 

Be honest and know your stuff. We set ourselves apart by being experts in our field and clients like our honest, ethical approach to selling, it’s a rarity in this industry. We set client expectations we can achieve and offer a range of products designed for the UK marketplace that are engineered to last and most of all perform the function clients expect.

What living person do you admire and why? 

I’m torn between Richard Branson and Alan Sugar, however if I had to pick one, I would say Alan Sugar as I like his blunt, straight to the point approach and how he proves everyone wrong.

Where would you most like to live? 

I haven’t travelled the world (yet) so I’ll choose a location in the UK and would have to say Cornwall, where I’m getting married. Everything there is so relaxed, the air is so fresh and the beaches are stunning. There is also a huge demand for external shading as everyone enjoys the outdoor lifestyle.

What is your favourite book? 

It’s not a book but whichever magazine we’re featured in, so at the moment, along with Blinds and Shutters, its Grand Designs and Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine. I like reading about renovation projects and seeing what people have done to their homes.

How do you relax? 

With my fiancée, a bottle (or two) of wine. And also the gym, when I can fit it in, as now we’re entering the busy ‘shading’ season along with attending numerous exhibitions across the UK including the upcoming National Homebuilding Show at the NEC and inspirational Grand Designs at Excel.

What sports team do you support? 

I don’t support any sports team.

What is your ideal holiday? 

A location without any technology, no laptops, no phones, so I can completely switch off and unwind. It would have to be somewhere hot, with clear blue waters and white sandy beaches and local food & wine.