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Upgrading our fleet

Bespoke installation vehicles specifically for our trade

Caribbean Blinds installation vehicle

Earlier this year we took delivery of two new installation vehicles and are just in the process of ordering an additional vehicle to add to our fleet bringing our total installation vehicles to 3. The right vehicle for the job is an important part of our business, as these transport our products across the country and enable our installers to professionally install them.

Given the length of our products (upto 7m sections) and need to use vans not trucks (as truck cannot easily access some of our installation locations), there is not a std van on the market that is suitable. Therefore we are limited to selecting a long wheel based van and modifying it so suit our specific business needs.

After much research we choose the new extra long wheel base Iveco Daily van. These have an impressive load length with rear doors closed of just under 5.2m on the floor and with twin rear wheels can carry over 1 tonne in weight, plus have a whole host of driver orientated features derived from their world leading trucks including air suspension seats for a more comfortable ride and reversing cameras making manoeuvring this 7.5m overall long vehicle incredibly easy. 

Despite all the standard features and impressive load length, we still have to carry product upto 7m in length and a range of tools, fixings etc so the vehicles have been customised to suit our particular business needs, professionally racked out and adapted. The biggest modification we make is removing the barn doors on the rear and replacing these with a roller shutter (pictured at bottom). This allows for us to easily carry lengths upto 7m (with just under 2m –legal max, protruding from the rear) on the bed of the vehicle, avoiding the need for a roof rack and strain along with safety issues of loading products in excess of 100kg up high on a roof (which just isn’t practical). The shutters have a number of set locking positions determined by us depending on the build up of boxes (ie 1 stack high, 2 stack high etc) and are of course alarmed.Bespoke Racking for Caribbean Blinds

Inside the vehicles the whole length of one side (behind the driver) are purposed designed racks (pictured above) to carry all the tools, equipment and fixings from nuts/bolts to conduit that we require along with ladder clamps. These are specific to the items that we carry and much thought has gone into the layout of these, with valued input from the installers who use the vehicles.

Additionally the vehicles have been finished with branding to ensure a professional look.

This level of expenditure is another example of what sets us apart (you won't find any other company in the trade does this) and ensures a first class installation by our own salary employed teams, something that you do not get with sub contract installers (the norm in the industry) who typically use their own vehicles, not racked out or modified specifically for ‘external shading’ as they install a number of varied products for a number of different companies.Roller Shutter for easy loading on Caribbean Blinds vans