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Winter Blinds

Keep the heat in with external blinds

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The cold nights are upon us and there is nothing worse than waking up to a cold room and starting your day with a chill. There are ways in which we can help to keep ourselves warm and energy efficient at the same time. It’s not the wisest idea to leave the heating on through the night as it can be very costly and it does not help the environment. By investing time and money in the right energy efficient home improvements you will save yourself a substantial amount on energy bills.

With glazing being the biggest cause of heat lost from a property, it pays to insulate this weak spot in the building fabric. Many of us already have installed double or even triple glazing which helps to slow heat loss but what else can we do to the glazing to add further insulation.

Cambridge, External Roller Blinds, Blinds

One product often overlooked, but highly efficient and effective is external blinds. The durable fabrics which are sealed in the side channels, trap an additional layer of air between the glass and fabric helping to retain heat in a building for longer. Add to this the additional benefits such as privacy and eliminating unwanted glare, a problem with the low Winter sun and you can see why external blinds are a such a good idea. And when the weather turns warm again, you will have the best barrier against preventing unwanted solar heat gain to keep your property cool.

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