5 Uses for External Roller Blinds


Over that last few years we have seen a rise in sales for our Antiguan External Roller Blinds, they are quickly becoming the go to choice in modern homes all over the country. External shading systems have capabilities that the average interior blind cannot provide just by being on the exterior side of the glass. Its clever engineering combined with an advanced UV weatherproof fabric make this the most effective solar shading system with versatile uses. Here are 5 that will help to improve and enhance your health and lifestyle.


1. Effective solar shading

Homes that consist of large expanses of glass are often the victim of overheating caused by solar radiation making contact with the glazed areas. Glass has vulnerable properties that allow short wave radiation to filter through and absorb into furniture and other household items which then emits long wave radiation. Once long wave radiation is within the property it is unable to pass back through the glass which causes room temperatures to rise making the internal space uncomfortable to bare. By applying a shading solution to the exterior side of the glass you can create a first line of defence that will effectively deflect the short wave radiation ensuring that it does not make contact with the glazed windows or doors, making the interior a cool environment. Check out our Shading Guide for more information.


3. Goodbye to glare

As many of you know light and computer/TV screens are not a great combination, they can cause quite a nuisance making it hard to see on a sunny day. In a commercial property that houses a lot of screens this can cause disruption to the work flow, something many business owners would like to avoid. Our systems are often used in commercial businesses to help create a comfortable glare free working environment as our special dim out fabrics are able to regulate the light efficiently. The fabric design consists of a 3% openness factor which allows enough natural light through, keeping the space well-lit whilst eliminating glare.


3. No more prying eyes

Privacy is something that we all look to achieve in our homes especially when you are situated within a built up area. How do you get privacy without shutting yourself in the dark? Natural light is beneficial to our health so closing the curtains is not an ideal option. When combining our External Roller Blinds with a dim out fabric you are able to create a privacy screen that stops prying eyes from looking in and allows you to look out whilst keeping the internal rooms away bright.


4. Sleep through the night

Many people will suffer from sleepless nights as they need complete darkness in order to doze off, this can be particularly difficult during summer hours when the nights are shorter, built up areas that emit a lot of artificial light or if you work night shifts which means you have to sleep during the day. Our Antiguan outdoor blinds can come fitted with a block out fabric that will help to eliminate light and keep you in a dark environment. With the blinds being fitted to the exterior façade using side fix brackets we can completely seal the blind to cover the glazed surface area for optimum light elimination.


5. Not just for windows & doors

Due to its robust weatherproof design and flawless features the Antiguan External Roller Blind has often been used to enhance existing pergolas and verandas to provide efficient protection against the elements. Its bespoke features means our team of designers are able to devise a shading system that is seamless and fitting to the current style of the garden feature to create a unified design.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to discuss your needs on 0344 800 1947 or if you would like to find out more information on our superior External Solar Shading Systems then visit www.cbsolarshading.co.uk

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