6 Ways the Sun Affects You

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The summer season is in full swing as we see temperatures hit as high as 35 degrees, it has been a very blissful summer that has kept on giving but are we doing enough to stay safe in the sun or are we neglecting the detrimental effects that it can have. We list 6 positive and negative effects the sun can have and highlight the importance of how to keep safe.

Positive Effects

  1. Happier Moods

We thought that we would state the obvious first. Sunshine is a key factor to improving people’s mood and there is a science behind this. Sunlight activates a fundamental hormone in your brain called serotonin, this is what makes us feel good and focused so it is important to maintain these levels to stay active and alert.

  1. Vitamin D Boost

This is an essential vitamin that everybody needs to ensure a strong and healthy body. When the UV-B Rays from the sunlight make contact with our skin this induces the necessary vitamin we need to keep our bones strong. Natural Vitamin D can only be obtained from the sunlight but that doesn’t mean you should be over exposing yourself to it, as it only takes being in the sun 15 minutes to gain the necessary daily amount.

  1. No Stress

This point is closely linked with number one. When we are in a happier mood we are more likely to be sociable and stay active. When the sunshine appears we are more enthusiastic about getting out, walking the dog and taking on new hobbies which relives the stress that builds up from our daily routines.


Negative Effects

  1. Heatstroke

This is a very serious heat injury that can have a very damaging effect on your health and even cause death. Heatstroke is commonly caused when the body is exposed for a prolonged amount of time in the sunlight, when the body’s temperature reaches 40 degrees or higher this is when the body will overheat and cause damage that may be irreversible.

  1. Sunburn

This is a very common effect that most people should know about. Too much direct sunlight to your skin without protection can cause your skin to burn and cause a very uncomfortable sensation. Damaging your skin like this can have a long term effect that can lead to skin cancer later in life which is why it is vital to protect your skin with sun lotion at all times.

  1. Ageing

Too much exposure to sunlight can speed up the ageing process significantly as the UV Light can cause an irreversible change to the texture and elasticity of the skin which causes the wrinkles to appear. Maintain a healthy amount of sunlight exposure and you will keep your youthful looks for longer.

Keep these points in mind when you are out in the sunshine, make sure that you apply the right protection and do not expose yourself too much. If you are planning trips then make sure that you check the weather and take the appropriate sun shades, hats, sunglasses and lotions. If you do not have anything to aid you when you are out then try to find shaded areas under trees or tall buildings. It is important to maintain the right balance, as great as the sun can be it comes with many dangers too.

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