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External Roller Blinds

Having recently built a contemporary house, with expansive glazing to capture the stunning views across the Cromer coast, the Royalls realised they needed to regulate solar radiation entering the space as even early on in the year, the open plan living space was warming to uncomfortable levels.

Having previously experienced the ineffectiveness of interior blinds at stopping heat in a conservatory at their last property, Mr Royall explored online the available options and after understanding the features of exterior blinds, actually stopping shortwave radiation reaching the glass, therefore preventing rather than trying to cure the problem, made contact with several companies. Impressed with the knowledge of our surveyor and how we would carry out such an install, along with the quality of samples of the system provided and suggestions made to minimise blind quantities (pairing windows) therefore reducing overall hardware build up and cost, he duly placed an order.

After installation, which was completed in a day by a three man team, Mr Royall dropped us the below email about his experience. Of particular note within the review is how our team come equipped and prepared for all installation types, only possible by employing our own personnel, with our own equipment and being dedicated to the field of external shading, plus of course a perfect survey again by our own skilled team members.

“Everything went well yesterday. The guys were very professional, polite and friendly. I must say I was concerned about access over the pond, but they had come well prepared with kit, and solved the issue after a little consideration. Overall we are very satisfied with your service right through the process and look forward to a more comfortable temperature in the house. We will definitely recommend you.”

If you have an issue with excessive solar heat gain/glare and want discuss the benefits and features of installing external shading to manage unwanted solar radiation, contact one of our specialists on 0344 800 1947 for free genuine, expert advice or alternatively read our Shading Guide here.

External Roller Blinds

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