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When the sun starts to peak we will naturally venture outdoors to embrace the sunshine in a typically British fashion, we don’t know when it may take a turn so we have to make the most of it when it is here. So it’s time to live the outdoor lifestyle and get the BBQ out, get the deck chairs in position and get the awning out to protect and cool when the sunshine gets too intense. In some situations this may not be as smooth going because you may have neglected the retractable awning and not serviced and maintained it to keep it in good working order.

At Caribbean Blinds we want you to get the most out of your garden awnings so we have come up with a few basic tips to keep it in good shape.

1. Regular Use

If the awning has been isolated for a long period of time this could cause the awning motor to seize which will delay its primary function of deploying the folding arm mechanism to create a shaded space. You have to imagine it is like a car, if you do not run it for a while the motor oils will dry up and not stay lubricated. Our patio awnings have been engineered to combat the British climate, as long as you have a 14 degree pitch you can use it in the rain, so make use of it all year round.

2. Clean Fabric

All of our fabrics have been coated with a nano tech solution so they are able to deflect moisture rather than absorb it which helps the fabric to self-cleanse. With that being said it is still advisable to clean it every once in a while especially if your outdoor awning is positioned near trees where they can vulnerable to debris, loose twigs and birds mess. The fabric can be hosed off using a garden hose and for more stubborn marks a telescopic sponge mop soaked in warm soapy water to reach the fabric and aggravate the problem area. You may need to use a stepladder to reach, so make sure you have assistance. Once you are done make sure the fabric is dry before you retract it.

3. Clean Casing

This point is very similar to the previous one, if your awning is in a vicinity surrounded by trees or a regular hang out spot for birds then regularly wipe down your aluminium casing to keep it clean from corrosive bird mess and tree sap. The cassettes are durable and they can withstand the test of time but it is vital to keep them clean and looking shiny.

4. Lubricate Joints

The points at which your awning pivot, the pins in the arm elbow and to the front and rear of the arm may become dry and subsequently squeaky (like a door hinge) as you extend and retract the awning. Spray these pivot pins with a non corrosive silicone spray so they can rotate effortlessly noise free.

5. Service

If you have had your awning for a long period of time then we would advise that you book in a service with our experienced shading technicians and they will ensure that your awning is working efficiently and effectively with our detailed service plan.

If you would like to find out more about our service plan and what it entails then call one of our team members today to discuss your options and book in your service and get your awning ready for the Summer – 0344 800 1947


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