Challenging External Shading Myths

External Roller Blind

With just over one month until we'll be exhibiting at this year's Ecobuild exhibition, we felt it would be the ideal time to shed some light on common misconceptions and myths surrounding external shading solutions. From understanding how the benefits of solar shading can be enjoyed on a year-round basis to explaining how our products are subjected to the most stringent of quality tests, we're ready to sort fact from fiction. 

Louvered Roof
Myth No. 1: "External shading solutions are expensive."

It's often assumed that external shading solutions are costly, but this isn't necessarily the case, particularly when the paybacks can be so great. For example, in a previous blog post we revealed how an outdoor seating area, such as a louvered roof, can increase income for businesses by as much as 30% with this figure being even more substantial if outdoor seating was available on a year-round basis. 

A perfect example of this is a louvered roof installation we carried out last year at The Woolpack in Bermondsey Street. The general manager calculated that, thanks to all the extra trade that can now be accommodated, within just six weeks the cost of the installation will have been covered.  

Furthermore, our external roller blinds, which substantially reduce interior temperatures, completely eradicate the need for any air conditioning units, allowing homeowners to save money on the cost of the application itself along with enjoying lower energy bills for years to come.  
External Blinds
Myth No. 2: "External roller blinds clutter the windows."

Unlike bulky curtains, interior blinds and plantation shutters that can clutter and disturb the interior space, sleek external blinds preserve the outwards view whilst delivering a clean, contemporary look that’s in-keeping with your home’s aesthetics.

Attached normally to the outer mullions of the window and featuring aluminium framework finished in any RAL colour, we can deliver an external blind to seamlessly compliment every home.
External Blinds
Myth No. 3: "External roller blinds hinder the outwards view." 

Contrary to popular belief, as you can see above, our perforated external blinds effectively maintain the view outwards whilst allowing you to monitor the amount of light that enters your property.

By eliminating glare and blocking up to 96% of the sun’s incoming solar heat radiation, external blinds ensure a comfortable interior temperature is achieved whilst preserving that all-important bright and airy feel provided by glazing.
Patio Awning
Myth No. 4: "Patio awnings aren't built to withstand the British weather." 

Constructed from corrosion-resistant, highly durable extruded aluminium, our folding arm patio awning systems are strong and resilient, so you can rest assured they truly are built to withstand the elements.

In fact, all our awnings are certified to both TUV and European safety standards so they exceed even the most stringent of quality tests, with the ability to withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 6 for complete peace of mind.
External Roof Blinds with zip locking mechanism
Myth No. 5: "Heat and light will creep through the edge of external roof/roller blinds."

Boasting an innovative zip locking mechanism that physically locks the screen fabric within the side channels, our external roller blinds prevent any annoying strips of light from shining through the sides.

Therefore, if you’re looking for complete privacy and blackout, our blinds with a solid finish are perfect for the likes of home cinema rooms and bedrooms.

External Roller Blind
Myth No. 6: "The benefits of external blinds can only be experienced during the Summer." 

It’s a common misunderstanding that the benefits of external blinds can only be enjoyed during the Summer, when they’re used to reduce interior temperatures and prevent glare, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, by providing an additional layer of insulation between the blind fabric and glazing, external blinds have been proven to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows so they’re actually more effective at reducing Winter heat loss than an internal solution.

By significantly reducing heat loss during colder periods, external blinds can help contribute to lower energy bills along with offering some welcome thermal insulation once the cold weather arrives.Outdoor Living Pod
Myth No. 7: "A louvered roof won't stand the test of time."

With all of our louvered roofs subjected to the severest of quality standards, the Outdoor Living Pod can withstand gale force winds of up to Beaufort 12. Finished in a stunning textured, corrosion-resistant coating alongside an exceptional stainless steel and aluminium construction, our Outdoor Living Pod is built to withstand the harshest of British weather conditions.

In fact, the louvered roof can withstand up to 70kg/m2 snow load, enabling our Outdoor Living Pod to be used to its full potential throughout all four seasons, irrespective of the weather.  Patio Awnings
Myth No. 8: "Patio awnings are only available in a limited selection of colours." 

Each and every home is different, so we believe the same should apply for the shading solution. At Caribbean we enable you to create your very own bespoke awning that is tailored to suit your specific taste and requirements.

With an endless array of finishes, styles and colourways, along with stylish textured and metallic finishes, you can choose from hundreds of options to find the perfect awning to accompany your home and garden.

To find out more about how our solar shading systems could enhance your home and garden in 2016, complete our enquiry form or see our products in action at Ecobuild where we'll be exhibiting from 8th-10th of March on Stand E3154. For your free tickets to this event, click here.

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