Changes in Fabric Used in Our External Roof Blinds

Our external roof blinds are available in a wide range of blockout and dimout materials to ensure the right level of solar heat block and light control is provided, with our most popular fabrics those from the Twilight Pearl Collection, a unique range of materials with a wide 2.2m fabric width (so minimal joins), constructed from a hi-tenacity polyester, with solution dyed fibres and TEXgard easy clean coating.

Within the Twilight Pearl collection there are two ranges, the cb_283 and cb_297. The fabrics are identical in every respect except the cb_297 only has a 3% openness factor (OF) whereas the cb_283 has an 8% OF. Our article ‘Openness Factor’ explains the difference in perforation level but in short the higher the perforations the more light and view through is kept. For this reason and as the heat block performance is not too de-similar between the cb_283 higher perforated fabric to the cb_297 lower perforated fabric with virtually no view through (see photo above), the cb_283 range accounts for almost all sales within the Twilight Pearl fabric collection.

As the colours in the collection are currently being refreshed ready for 2015, we have decided to phase out the cb_297 range, as it is not viable to stock a material that sells in such low volumes.

For anyone who is not concerned about the view through the fabric where privacy is a requirement to the skylight / rooflight / conservatory roof (and would normally opt for our cb_338 blockout non perforated fabrics), will be offering large discounts for orders of our external roof blinds in the cb_297 material to clear our current stocks down during the Autumn/Winter period, meaning there has never been a better, more cost effective time to purchase our external roof blinds.

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