Garden Design Trends To Look Out For In 2016

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Although many fashions come and go, outdoor living remains as popular as ever, particularly in England where consumers are keen to take full advantage of any warm weather as well as maximising their usable living space. This trend is set to continue in 2016, with more homeowners than ever before opting to improve their garden to create a desirable area that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

From unusual paving to chic garden furniture, outdoor living is expected to undergo some exciting transitions during the next twelve months as we reveal below.

1. Natural Furniture

Garden furniture plays a key role in any outside space, so it’s important to choose the right furniture to compliment your surroundings. For 2016, the natural look of Rattan and Wicker remains at the forefront of furniture fashion- particularly when combined with clean lines and contemporary shapes.

For example, sun loungers, chairs, dining and coffee tables made of white fibreglass and Rattan create a fresh, crisp Mediterranean look. Sofas and chairs with a high back are best for promoting comfort and relaxation- perfect for Summer days spent relaxing on your patio. And don’t forget to accessorize your outdoor furniture with cushions and throws in neon brights to create a playful look. This palette is also expected to be popular for bistros, outdoor themes and patio accessories in 2016.

2. Merging The Outdoors With The Indoors

As we touched upon earlier this year in this blog post, merging the indoor world with outdoor living is by no means a new concept, but this classic home design trend is set to really boom in 2016. It doesn’t matter whether you are living in the city suburbs or nestled out in the country, the indoor/outdoor living trend works well with any home design.

Think dining areas that effortlessly open up to your patio area with stylish bi-fold doors or an attractive fire pit that makes your outside space extra versatile during the cooler months.

The main focus here is the ‘flow’ between your indoor and outdoor space so opt for a patio design that works with your home’s current appeal. Complementing colours and design schemes will create a natural look, even if your patio area is a new addition to your home. Additionally, the installation of a patio awning or canopy is a great approach for creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior of your home whilst allowing you to enjoy the continental alfresco lifestyle all year round.

Furthermore, as our patio awnings protect and enhance your terrace or patio, you have the freedom to leave doors and windows open in warm weather and even when it’s raining. Plus, because our patio awnings are available in a whole spectrum of colours, you can select the perfect shade to accentuate your home and garden.  

Alternatively, for homeowners craving the ultimate entertaining and outdoor living experience in 2016, louvered roofs and most notably our Outdoor Living Pod, creates a versatile, fully functional living area whilst boasting built-in speakers and an infra-red heater for year round use.

Outdoor Living Pod

3. Vibrant Colour Schemes

Whilst you definitely want the colours incorporated in your outdoor patio space to complement your home’s exterior, adding fresh pops of colour will instantly brighten the space. Aqua blues and teals are in for 2016, creating a fresh and welcoming feel.

In addition to the bright colours mentioned earlier in this article, Tuscan colours and excessive patterns are expected to lose their appeal in 2016. As people grow tired of Tuscan inspired blends and prints that are too 'busy,' outdoor designers have advised to keep things a little simpler. Instead, add interest and texture with natural greenery and pops of citrus colours and neon brights. Other colours to watch out for include berry, greys, mango infused orange and vanilla white as featured in our colour trends blog post earlier this year.

4. Mixed Materials

Finally, the trend of mixing materials is one of the best ways to integrate your indoor/outdoor living space in 2016.

To adapt this style, look for patio furniture and outdoor decorations that mix resin with wood, wood with iron or teak with stainless steel. Natural materials are also super-hot; like stone, copper, wood and Wicker, which can be used for different design themes such as vintage, rustic and eco-friendly. This trend of mixing materials has been growing significantly during 2015 as homeowners move away from matching styles in a bid to mix things up a little.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and blend different textures and colours together to create a unique yet cohesive design that’ll give your patio an updated look and feel in 2016. 

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