Garden Water Features

Water Feature, Garden

Water features are a great way to add diversity to your garden, not only are they pleasing to look at but they are able to add sound and texture to the landscape. Adding this element will enhance the natural surroundings, attracting wildlife and improving your local ecosystem. An eye catching water feature will create a tranquil space, choosing which one is best suited to your gardens aesthetics is the next step.

There are various styles that you can go with, from classic and elegant to artsy and modern. We have selected 4 style ideas that we think you may like.

Marble Water Bowl

Water Feature, Marble, English, Classic, Pillar

This reclaimed fountain bowl is a very classic English style, it would be perfect for gardens with a lot of greenery. Make it stand out and place it on a plinth and this will be a great centre piece for the garden.

English Salvage  – £950.00

Sculpture Fountains

These bronze sculptures have been cleverly designed to spring to life once the water is pumping through. Each sculpture has its own unique flow and design, creating a mesmerising feeling. It is hard to decide which fountain is our favourite.

Malgorzata Chodakowska

Steel Water Bowl

Steel Bowl, Water Feature, Garden, Flowers

If you are looking for a more modern style feature then this contemporary steel water bowl is just perfect. It is a very minimal design but you can add greenery to it to liven it up, it is a very flexible water feature.

Round Wood – From £168.00

Water Mirror

Water Mirror, Mirror, Water Feature, Wooden Fence, Show Site

At Caribbean Blinds we had recently installed a mirror water feature at our new show site. The mirror is great at reflecting light and brightening up the rest of the atmosphere. We have boxed our feature with wooden panels to match our external wooden fence to give it a natural blend.

Outdoor Living UK – £399.95

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