How To Holiday At Home

Holiday At Home

Staying put this Summer? You’re not alone! Staycations have grown in popularity over recent years with a rising number of families opting to holiday at home rather than jet off abroad. In fact, 40 percent of Brits will not go on holiday at all this summer, exchanging long-haul flights, stressful airports and costly hotels for making the most of what’s on offer right outside their front door. (And who can blame them?)

With the school holidays in full swing, there are even more UK attractions, museums, activities and outside spaces for you and your family to enjoy this Summer season. Here are our top tips for ensuring you enjoy a fantastic Holiday At Home:

Plan ahead:
There is a real temptation to assume that you don't have to plan properly for your holiday at home since you are not going abroad. However, you won't be making the most of your holiday time if you leave all the planning to the last minute. Instead, sit down with the whole family and work out what you would like to do on each day. 

See what's happening locally:
Your local Tourist Information Centre is the best place to gain an overview of events happening in your local area as well as the opportunity to buy discounted tickets in advance.

Do your research:
Be sure to do some online research before visiting attractions to see if there are any special offers/vouchers you could put to good use. For example, there are lots of 2 for 1 attractions in London when travelling by train, including The London Eye and London Zoo, resulting in excellent savings.

Switch off technology:
Keep communication via email, text etc. to an absolute minimum and limit the time the children spend using technology. Not only will this allow you to enjoy a proper break from your normal 9-5, it’ll give the children the opportunity to try new activities, hobbies etc.
Summer patio
Give your garden a new lease of life. 

Spruce up your garden:
Whilst you may not be able to bring a tropical beach to your backyard, you can certainly add a touch of the tropics to your outside space. Think deckchairs, loungers, vivid tableware and exotic plants for the perfect backyard escape. Our blog has lots of excellent style ideas.

Enjoy nature:
What’s not to love about The Great Outdoors? With fresh air proven to boost immunity and increase happiness levels, it’s a great way to keep the children amused. Whether that entails a trip to the beach, a cycle ride or allowing the children to set up camp in the garden, there’s plenty to discover.

Stay safe in the sun:
Whilst you may not be basking in the Mediterranean sun, this doesn't mean the UV rays in the UK are any less harmful to our skin. Be sure to avoid the sun when it's at it's strongest (between 11am and 3pm) and always apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15. For complete peace of mind, our innovative patio awnings not only look fantastic but they prevent damaging ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin, allowing you and your family to safely enjoy the sun all Summer long.

Don't let the weather ruin your plans:
It can be all too easy to feel disheartened when the British weather takes a turn for the worst, but don’t despair! With our innovative Outdoor Living Pod that provides sun shading along with rain and snow protection, you can make the most of your terrace 365 days a year come rain or shine. Forget cancelled plans and postponed parties, you can enjoy a holiday at home, whatever the weather, with Caribbean Blinds.
Outdoor Living Pod Installation
One of our stunning Outdoor Living Pod installations. 

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