Installation of the Month – May

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It has been another busy month for us; our team are on top form and they are continuously working hard to ensure a high standard of customer satisfaction, which is reflected in our reviews. This month we have undertaken some complex and large installations where our team have got to use their individual skillsets to full advantage. It was a difficult choice between two of our projects, however, we chose May’s install based on our ability to install blinds discreetly where others could not.

In Folkestone, Kent we fitted three Antiguan External Roller Blinds at a newly built contemporary home. The architecture consists of three very large glass windows all of which slide to both sides based on the clients preference. With such a large surface area of glass (almost 30m2) the clients had experienced uncomfortable temperatures due to excess solar gain along with glare, which made for discomfort to their entire open plan kitchen/dining/living space.

Internal blinds were not an option other than the fact they would not effectively regulate solar heat, they would also clutter the clean simple lines of the interior and not be practical when the doors were slid open as they would ‘flap’ in the wind and be exposed to the elements causing them to deteriorate rapidly.

External roller blinds were the solution but there was an issue. As all the doors moved there was no fixed framework to mount the tracks for the blinds to. Not only do the blind tracks guide the fabric up/down along with lock the fabric in position rendering the blinds windproof (important for an exposed location) but they also support the headbox to the top which the blind retracts back within.

External Roller Blind, Roller Blinds, Blinds, Windows

However, when presented with the challenge, our Directors unsurpassed technical acumen meant he could effortlessly design a smart, simple and most importantly a neat solution. Discreet posts less than 100mm square and constructed from aluminium (the same material as the blind hardware) were designed to support the blind tracks. These was positioned perfectly, lined up with the door frames where they overlapped each other to ensure they were not visible from inside when the doors were closed. Attachment was important as the posts were taking the load from the blinds in both the retracted and extended positions. A purpose designed base (foot) that slotted within the posts allowing for convenient installation and levelling, attached to the patio tiles through a resin & stud method ensured a stress free anchorage. At the top a further secondary fixing concealed in the post to the clad fascia behind ensured lateral stability. The blinds then mounted to the posts in the normal manner.

Fitted with a premium solar control pvc free mesh fabric and motorised operated linked into ambient sensors for automatic position, these blinds provide effective cooling to the indoor space and most importantly tie in perfectly with the architecture of the building, appearing integrated as if there from construction.

We have an extensive range of solar shading solutions; each one can be designed and manufactured to meet all your requirements.

As the only external shading specialist in the UK, with over three decades of experience and tens of thousands of installations across the country, no other company is more knowledgeable or well versed to design, manufacture and install the neatest fitting, most effective external shading system for your application, requirements and budget.

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