Installation of the Month – November

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, Caribbean Blinds

This past year we have seen some major installations of our Outdoor Living Pod, all with their own unique appeal; some consisting of integrated fireplaces and others with outdoor kitchens and November was no exception.

Our Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod installation in Battersea, London was selected on the basis of the location and logistics of this particular project. Constructing our award winning patio canopy takes time and precision, however, when it is on the terrace of a penthouse apartment almost 10 floors high, in a bustling city location, it requires special planning and co-ordination to ensure a smooth, seamless process.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, Caribbean Blinds

Following a detailed on site survey, a specialist platform hoist was organised to raise all of the profiles of the structure to the rooftop. With obstructions on the building, including projecting balconies and ground floor gardens, our team and the hoisting company worked closely together to guarantee the safe arrival of the goods to the roof.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Pergola, Caribbean Blinds

Being on a roof terrace, prone to strong winds and not able to attach the pergola to the roof of the building so as not to affect the waterproofing on the roof, we designed and installed bespoke load bearing concrete pads that would be sited beneath the decking, sat on the rooftop to which the structure would anchor to. Additionally to ensure lateral stability the galvanised reinforcement within the uprights of the structure were increased to guarantee no swaying of this freestanding pergola even in gale force winds.

The final result is quite striking, with the whole process from order to installation taking less than 8 weeks, with the installation itself including hoisting and all the associated decking and electrical works taking just 4 days. 

We will be revisiting the Penthouse for a photoshoot so keep an eye out for pictures later this month.

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