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Ever wondered what an average working day is like for the Caribbean Blinds team? Well, you're in luck! From today onwards, we are excited to announce a new regular blog feature that'll give you the opportunity to get to know our manufacturing and installation team.

On the last Friday of each month, we will be publishing a series of questions and answers designed to give you an insight into what a normal day consists of for our employees along with what hobbies they enjoy in their free time and how they see our company progressing in the future. This month, we are interviewing Sam, our longest standing Production Engineer who has worked at Caribbean Blinds for twelve and a half years. Enjoy!

1. How long have you worked at Caribbean Blinds?
I joined the team in 2003 so I've now been working at Caribbean Blinds for twelve and a half years. I haven’t looked back since!

2. How would you describe your average working day?
No day is the same which is what keeps my job interesting. For example, some days I'll be busy cutting materials and other days I'm making canopies with lots of odd jobs in between. There's always plenty to do.

3. What is your favourite aspect of the job?
Everyone that works at Caribbean Blinds is really friendly and there's no shortage of banter which keeps spirits high. We go out for a staff curry a few times a year which is always a good laugh.

4. What is the best skill you've learnt since working for us?
Prior to joining the team, I didn't know much about working with electrics but this is definitely a skill I've learned and developed over the years. For instance, lately I've been busy wiring our Outdoor Living Pods and patio awnings.

5. What's been the biggest achievement of your career?
I've definitely gained more confidence and my people skills have improved since working at Caribbean Blinds.

6. How has Caribbean Blinds evolved over the years?
As the company’s expanded, we've started focusing on our own projects as well as dealing with the trade side of things. Besides that, we often have new products in the pipeline, such as exciting features soon to be launched on our Outdoor Living Pod.

7. What sets Caribbean Blinds apart from our competitors?
Everyone here takes pride in their work to ensure it's of the highest quality and this is what makes it such a rewarding job. For example, I never rush any tasks as I know this would sacrifice the end result. Also, because all our products are made right here in Suffolk, this gives us a real advantage to those that have products sent from overseas.

8. If your colleagues had to describe you in one word, which would they choose?
Legend haha! Or maybe klutz as I'm known for being quite clumsy. I once broke my thumb on the factory gate!

9. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?
I enjoy fishing, watching football and spending time with my boys. I have two sons so they keep me busy.

10. What is the one thing you'd like to achieve most during your lifetime?
I'd love to own my dream car which is the 1969 model of a Plymouth Roadrunner. Failing that, an old school Astin Martin DB5 would be just fine!

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