March Gardening Guide

March Gardening Guide

Following the cold, dark and sometimes uninspiring Winter days, many of us will be waiting in anticipation for the lighter and brighter Spring weather, and few things are more rewarding than enjoying the warmer climate from the comfort of your very own garden.

Stay on top of all those gardening tasks and ensure your outside space looks its best this Spring with our handy hints:

1. Frosts can still occur this month so keep any vulnerable plants protected overnight.

2. As March winds are notorious for their intensity, ensure any exposed plants are well supported to keep damage to a minimum.

3. Take the the time to weed and dig over your borders incorporating as much organic matter as you can, as the cool Winter winds really help to dry out the soil.

4. Remove moss and weeds from paths, terraces and driveways. Whilst this may seem a tedious task, weeds can quickly become a nightmare if they're not kept under control early Spring.

5. Clean and repair your garden tools, book the lawn mower in for its yearly service and check garden furniture for any rot.

6. When it is warm enough, treat sheds, fences and trellis with wood preservatives. Though brushes and rollers are fine for most tasks, a sprayer is a worthy investment for more intricate projects such as woven panels.

7. Mow your lawn at least once this month to enjoy a greener, denser and harder-wearing patch throughout the Summer. Whether you're hoping to create a bowling-green lawn or just a bit of grass for the children to play on, regular mowing will improve the appearance of your lawn and help keep it looking its best.

8. Finally, if you're looking to protect, prolong and enhance your terrace/patio area this Spring, our sleek and stylish patio awnings provide both sun shading and rain protection, so they're ideal for making the most of your garden irrespective of the weather. Plus, as they're available in an extensive range of colours, we have the perfect shade to compliment every home and garden in 2016. 

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