Natural Festive Decor

As we embark upon the yearly ritual of adorning our homes with Christmas decorations this December, it's all too easy to dismiss The Great Outdoors as a source of inspiration for festive furnishings. From fresh sprigs of holly to ivy tendrils that are perfect for creating elegant garlands, our gardens provide a wealth of ideas for eco-friendly designs that will bring a rustic touch to your home.

Plus, if you prefer an artificial Christmas tree, these suggestions are a great way to add real greenery to your interior without the hassle of dropped needles! And if you're outside space is looking a little scarce this time of year, why not look out for the following on your next Woodland walk? 

1. Holly

Holly is a Christmas classic thanks to its glossy, spiky leaves and vibrant red berries. In fact, the word 'holly' originates from the term 'holy' in Old English, so it's ultra-appropriate for the festive season, both indoors and out. Holly is a great accompaniment to wreaths and garlands and should be cut in short branches with berries attached. Alternatively, you could also add a couple of sprigs to your candle display, mantelpiece or windowsills for extra colour. Holly should last for the duration of Christmas, providing it's watered regularly and kept away from any intense heat. 

2. Pine Cones
Pine Cones make excellent decorations and can be used in a number of ways to bring a natural touch to your home. Attach a few to your Christmas wreath with wire or why not pile into a large bowl along with battery-powered fairy lights for an attractive table centrepiece? Alternatively, they look really effective when spray-painted and decorated with glitter glue (a great project for children) or used as a base for delicate tea lights. 

3. Twigs
If you're drawn towards a more minimal look, twigs are sure to add a modest yet striking feel to your Christmas display. As well as being totally free, they're highly versatile, and can be used to create a contemporary Christmas tree, chic hanging decorations or even a woodland twig garland. Keep an eye out for particularly unusual twigs such as twisted hazel or the coloured stems of cornus with their rich, warm tones that be used in ornaments for a naturalistic festive display. 

4. Ivy 
Traditionally teamed with sprigs of holly; ivy is another firm favourite for adding a little greenery to our homes during the festive season. This evergreen plant is readily available over the Winter months and works best when cut off in long tendrils, which can then be worked through wreaths or draped along a mantelpiece with baubles and delicate lights for an individual focal point. 

If you've enjoyed this festive blog post, make sure you check out our pick of this year's best Christmas lights and tableware for entertaining with elegance this festive season. Plus, if you're inspired to host a Christmas get-together this year, why not take the party outside? We reveal our top tips for an unforgettable alfresco party in this blog post.

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