Spring Cleaning

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As we move into summer, most of us look to spend as much time as we can outdoors, whether that be gardening, relaxing or entertaining. Our garden is our private sanctuary – an extended living space where we connect with the fresh outdoors.

A high percentage of us will most likely own some sort of outdoor wooden furniture or features in our external space, from tables & chairs, to a gazebo or decking. Wood is a durable but a delicate material that does require yearly care and maintenance to ensure it remains robust. When wood is exposed to the elements for a long period of time without any type of care it gradually deteriorates which is why it is vital to take the necessary steps to maintain wood during the spring before the real heat sets in.

It is quite simple to refresh and refinish your wood furniture with the 3 simple steps below:

Remove Previous Finish

When finish is applied, it is not a permanent application, as the exposure to the elements will gradually weaken the applied layer making the wood vulnerable again. This will make the job of removing the previous finish a lot easier.

Using a power washer or high pressure hose will remove most dirt and debris that has congregated on the wood and it will also help to eradicate any of the original finish that was applied. Leave the wooden item to thoroughly dry before going to the next step. If the wood is not dry then the new finish will be ineffective.

Apply New Finish

There are several types of exterior finishes that you can apply to your wood items. A common finish is exterior varnish; this solution is one of the most effective forms of wood protection. Traditionally applied using a paintbrush, however a foam sponge is more effective. This type of tool will give you a more even texture and it will also get into the difficult parts a brush would not normally reach. This method of application will give you a better overall finish in a shorter time and will create less mess doing so.

Dry The New Finish

When you are drying the new finish it is important to check the manufacturers/product guidelines of the varnish to see how long is needed. When allowing the wood item to dry, do not make the common mistake of letting it dry in the outdoors where it can attract dirt and debris. If you can dry the item in a shed or garage (undercover) then you will have summer ready furniture.

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At Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd, we often install our external shading systems in outdoor spaces where there are a lot of wood based furniture and features. Even though our products do have a contemporary design, we are able to powder coat our external shading products to most common wood colours so that it flows with the rest of the exterior design. Our hardware and fabrics can be all be adapted to meet the design needs of your home or business.

We have a team of experienced specialists that are dedicated to meeting your external shading needs. They can talk you through the step-by-step process, from design to installation, so that you can get the most out of your External Shading System. Make an enquiry and receive your free detailed brochure and quote – 0344 800 1947.  

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