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Technology is moving at a very fast pace and we are continuously seeing more and more advanced and innovative products on the market, all designed to make our lives easier by using SMART applications that will eliminate the unwanted stresses of life. A technology that is becoming more common in household objects is voice control along with SMART phone software.

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Voice control has been something that has been around for a while but it in the last couple of years it has really taken a leap. Before it was difficult for these voice control devices to even comprehend what we are asking it and quite often frustrating. Now it has become so advanced we are seeing this tech being integrated in a lot of household appliances, and what is even better is that these SMART devices are even able to communicate with each other to give the homeowners the best use out their home and their devices. ‘Alexa’ is a name that is becoming quite familiar in many homes, some would say that it is a part of the family. Amazon have taken the lead in the forefront of voice control, you will be able to find most home tech integrated with ‘Alexa’ making this the most popular and reliable choice.

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SMART Home Hubs are also becoming a popular lifestyle choice that gives the homeowner complete control and a piece of mind. You can link devices such as home security systems, thermostats and even door locks to your home hub which then links to the internet and communicates with an app on your smart phone where you can gain complete access no matter where you are in the world. We understand that many homeowners would like to have that extra security knowing that their home is safe and functioning efficiently and being notified.

At Caribbean Blinds we haven’t sat behind and watched this technology take off, all of our external shading systems; external roller blinds, roof blinds and patio awnings can all be linked to a Tahoma Smart Home Hub so that clients can have full control their blinds wherever they are. You can also set timers to send signals to the blinds to extend or retract them at certain times, for example to create the perfect natural wakeup call in the morning or make it look like you are at home, when you are not.

If you like this SMART way of living then call one of our experienced team members today and find out more on how we can integrate this system to your current or new shading solutions – 0344 800 1947


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