Trick or Treat

Halloween, Pumpkins

It’s Halloween and it’s time to get the decorations out and the pumpkins carved because there will soon be a flooding of miniature goblins and zombies roaming the streets and knocking on doors for treats. It’s a fun festivity that doesn’t just have to be for the kids, here are 4 inspirational quick ideas that you can get done before the kids get home from school.

1. Decorative Pumpkins

Halloween, Pumpkin, Gold, Table Decoration

If you’re planning on having a special frightening feast this evening then why not give it a little glam and spray paint the pumpkins gold. By adding a few gold pine cones and twigs you will give it an elegant autumn feel. With just a little paint and some summer remains you can go as far as you like, but don’t overdo it.

Check out some more fantastic decorative pumpkin ideas: decorandstyle


2. Spooky but Elegant Candle Holders

Halloween, Candle Holders

Candles are a must have décor item when it comes to Halloween, there is nothing like a real burning flame to add a creepy effect. Take a look at these stylish candle holders that you can make very quickly and easily with and old jam jar, stencil and spray paint. Make as many as you need and dot them round the house and add an ambient effect and set the mood. Step-by-step Guide by Earnest Home Co


3. Fireproof Skulls

Skulls, Halloween

If you have a fire pit then we have just the thing that will spice it right up. It may be too late to get them ordered in for this evening but we felt we had to let you know of this one for next year. These fireproof skulls will keep your fire pit looking interesting, but we wouldn’t recommend using them any other time other than Halloween as you may have the neighbours talking.

Purchase from Amazon


4. Hanging Harry Potter Envelopes

Harry Potter, Envelopes, Halloween

If Harry Potter is a favourite in your household and you’re going for the magical theme then you are going to love this decoration as it will add a nice simple touch without you having to get your hands messy. Just a few aged looking envelopes and string. Simple. You can find more Potter themed ideas at Wayne-wonder

Now get those sweets ready and wait for those little terrors to come round. Always remember to stay safe when you are out Trick or Treating.

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