We’ve had a makeover, did you notice?

We’ve had a makeover, did you notice?In the last three years Caribbean Blinds has invested heavily in our marketing, bringing on board an in house Creative & Digital Manager to refine the brand and build a strong content catalogue; inspirational images and videos to showcase the lifestyle enhancing benefits and superior features of our products. Having updated all our in print items from lookbooks to product catalogues and refreshed all of our social media activities, our website was the final element to be renewed.

Over the past 18 months, we have been working tirelessly with the innovative team at This is Fever to design and develop this new website, which went live 4 weeks ago today. The Colchester based agency were given the complex task of creating a visually pleasing image-led website that inspired clients on the endless benefits of investing and owning an external shading solution from Caribbean Blinds whilst providing users with an unparalleled amount of information to help ensure clients could make an informed decision.We’ve had a makeover, did you notice?Along with being user friendly across both desktop and mobile devices, to ensure an intuitive customer browsing experience the website incorporates many interactive elements to display additional information therefore preventing the site from being page content heavy. A great example of this and probably one of our favourite elements of the website is the key features function that reveals the selected key feature of said product, providing a close up of that specific part and details of what makes it unique.We’ve had a makeover, did you notice?

There is also a ‘request an estimate’ feature that allows users to obtain an accurate guide price, quick and effortlessly. Users simply select the product they are interested in (or have it pre-selected if navigating from a specific product page), upload an image of the area the shading system is proposed along with approximate measurements plus any specific comments and submit. These details go directly to one of our knowledgeable project co-ordinators who formulate a guide price based on the installation specifics gleamed from the photo and deliver this guide price along with any comments or recommendations to the users inbox. This has already in the month since the website has been live proved hugely popular, enabling prospective clients to get a hassle free estimate before committing to a full site survey.

There are many other notable elements on the site such as the Knowledge Hub which includes the industries most detailed FAQs section and arguably contains everything a customer needs to know / consider when selecting external shading, plus our Shading Guide that explains using animation and illustrations why external shading is the most effective way to regulate the suns energy. And for our trade partners there is a dedicated trade portal that contains all technical, sales and marketing related information plus a series of ‘how to’ videos to assist with maintaining our products.

No website is ever complete and this website will continue to evolve, with further information and features added to enhance user experience and ensure all information is easily found and on hand. But that’s enough of us talking about the website, why not grab a coffee, sit back and take a browse through this website and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to check back regularly to this blog section, which is regularly updated, at least once a week; there is always something happening at Caribbean Blinds or in the industry and this will be the place to hear and find out about it first.

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