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  • British Made Awnings
  • High Attention To Detail
  • Bespoke Produced Products
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • In-House Installation Teams
  • Unmatched Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Check At Every Stage
  • Colour Coordinated Thread
  • All Sharp Edges Buffed
  • Motors Tested 10,000 Times
  • Full Prep and Clean Up

Blind & Awning Manufacturing – Ensuring Quality – Caribbean Blinds

Our Blind & Awning Manufacturing Process

All of our blinds and awnings are made in our factory in Sudbury, Suffolk. The aim is simple – to produce a product that is technically superior, aesthetically superior, and a joy to use season after season. Every person involved in our manufacturing process - from the initial surveyor to assemblers, to our installers - are proud of the work that they do and are fastidious about quality control.


From Raw Materials to Finished Blinds

Once your deposit is payed, we will create a production docket with a serial number specific to you. This will travel through the entire manufacturing process to ensure nothing goes wrong and there are no delays in your project.


Preparing the Fabric

We start off with fabric. You will have chosen from our wide array of fabrics in the design process and then we use a light box to meticulously check every inch of fabric for faults. When we stich your blinds, we always used a twist stich in a colour coordinated thread that makes it invisible. It’s this kind of attention to detail that ensures a premium product and customer satisfaction. Our manufacturers also ensure that each stitch identical from one end to the other – the machine moves rather than the fabric to ensure even tension.


Cutting Aluminium Profiles

Just as important as the fabric, are the aluminium profiles which give our blinds and awnings their integrity. All of our aluminium profiles are cut in house within the nearest mm so will always align perfectly. To get the perfect cut, we need a very sharp blade. All of our machines are water and air cooled, so we don’t have to worry about rough or burred edges. Once the profiles for your blinds are cut they’re put on a specific assembly rack ready to go into assembly. Before they leave, they are all air hosed and cleaned down, so there’s no chance of damage to the fabric.


Assembly & Set Up

Every product is assembled on site. We start of with a bench assemble, the fabric is then taken from the rack and attached. We put into onto an assembly jig and set up the product specifically for the client. Before the blinds or awning come off, they’re put through another quality control to make sure there are no marks on the fabric and to ensure that everything works properly. Then it gets packaged ready for delivery and installation.


No Mass Production

One of the most important aspects of our manufacturing process, and something that allows for stringent quality control is that we do not mass produce blinds. Everything is built to the end client’s requirements and is set up and tested in the factory. We build everything entirely bespoke – right down to the width, depth, and angle of the awning. This helps us to create a more seamless process for the customer, so they won’t have to adjust their blinds or awning on site.


Single Day Installation

Once we have created your blinds, it’s time to install them. We have sole purpose vans used by our in-house installers and can usually provide single day installation. This increases to 1-2 days if you’re receiving the living pod - or depending on the specification. Installers will prep the ground and ensure there’s no damage to the property. They will clear the area of obstructions, and lay sheeting down to protect the building and the blinds. After installation, they will clean up and check that everything is functioning as it should be. Finally, they’ll give the client a run through – including how to clean and maintain the product. We never use sub-contractors for installation. All of our friendly team members will arrive in uniform and use our own equipment. If anything goes wrong, you can contact us and during the guarantee period we will send an engineer out to remedy it generally within a few days. If you’re interested in hearing more about our manufacturing process for blinds and awnings, or would like to start your own project, then give us a call today.

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