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External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds External Roller Blinds
  • Slim Modern Streamline Design
  • Motorised Remote Control Operation
  • Built In Fabric Locking Mechanism
  • Optional Light & Wind Sensors
  • 100's of Hardware & Fabric Options
  • Width: from 0.63m to 6.00m
  • Height: upto 6.00m
  • Max Surface Area: 18sq/m

External Roller Blinds & Outdoor Roller Blinds

Effectively regulate solar heat, light (glare) and UV (ultraviolet) with our external roller blinds, mounted outside and running down directly in front of windows and sliding folding / bi-fold doors of all sizes to provide a comfortable, healthy indoor space for occupants.

Providing a physical barrier to the suns energy, our streamline and elegant range of external roller blinds block up to 96% of the suns incoming solar heat radiation, acting like air conditioning to keep your property cool on even the hottest of summers days without the energy bill or related CO2 emissions.

Diffused glare free, evenly distributed natural light is still admitted, avoiding the need to use artificial lighting with damaging ultraviolet rays filtered to prevent fixtures, fittings and furnishings from fading. Clear outward vision is maintained (subject to material choice) but with privacy provided from overlooking buildings and passers-by.

Additionally during colder periods our exterior roller blinds as they trap air between the glass and screen fabric provide an additional layer of insulation to the glazing, helping to retain heat in the building, keeping you warm and cosy whilst avoiding high winter heating bills.

An innovative zip locking mechanism physically locks the screen fabric within the side channels rendering our external roller blinds windproof upto Beaufort 6, along with preventing any annoying strips of light shining through (as there is no gap between the side channels and fabric) and as an additional benefit acts as an insect screen.

How our outdoor roller blinds work...

Our external roller blinds work in a similar manner to interior roller blinds; fabric contained around a rigid galvanised steel fabric barrel is attached to a weighted aluminium lead rail which locates within side guides. When the motor, contained within the fabric barrel is operated, the fabric lowers and the side guides ensure the lead rail and subsequently fabric runs smoothly and square.

A full cassette headbox around the fabric barrel protects the material and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when retracted, with the front of the headbox easily unhinging for any maintenance requirements.

Strong, Durable and Long Lasting

Don’t let the compact dimensions of our range of external roller blinds deceive you. Not only are they visually attractive but highly robust. Featuring hardware that is manufactured from aluminium and parts of stainless steel our blinds are both corrosion resistant and incredibly strong, designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of any busy environment.

An array of finishes, styles and options are available for you to choose from, allowing you to complement the look of your property and infinite hardware colours so you can blend or contrast the metalwork with your façade

Certified to both independent and European safety standards every single component of our external blinds has undergone the most rigorous tests and stringent quality control to ensure they will perform day in, day out, free of problems, able to withstand windspeeds upto Beaufort 6 .

Speak to one of our external roller blind specialists today on 0344 800 1947 for expert advice on the right external blind system to prevent unwanted solar heat gain and glare to your glazing.


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