Premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics, provide cooling shade and the highest UV protection.

Hi-tensile dyneema cable tensioning system, contained within the side guides keeps the fabric taut.

Take control and enjoy your living space again.

Hi-tensile dyneema cable tensioning system, contained within the side guides keeps the fabric taut.

Premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics, provide cooling shade and the highest UV protection.

Take control and enjoy your living space again.


Our Conservatory Roof Blind Models

Cayman Blind

  • Full cassette headbox
  • Up to 5m wide x 6m depth (max 18m/2)
  • Slim guides with concealed tensioning system
  • 100’s of hardware colours & fabric choices
  • Motorised remote / app control operation
  • Sun & wind sensors (optional)
  • Face and side fix mounting brackets
  • Wind resistant upto 24mph (Beaufort 5)
  • From £3,495 inc vat, installation & 5 year guarantee
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Hardware Mechanism
Why CB?
Hardware Mechanism

We take great pride in delivering dependable shading options for our clients, this includes our selection of conservatory roof blinds. Featuring mechanisms that are built to withstand the British climate, ensuring they can handle wind and rain without trouble. Each blind comes with a sleek, fully enclosed cassette casing as standard, offering a tidy and secure shelter for the blind fabric and shielding it from the elements.

For longevity and robustness outdoors, we use corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminium for all hardware components of our conservatory roof blinds, which come finished in an anthracite grey as a standard option.

Our external roof blinds feature a built-in tensioning system which means the blind remains tight at every position meaning you can easily control how open or closed to have the blinds, controlling the level of light and temperature. To avoid annoying light leakage our conservatory roof blinds are fitted with U shaped side guides.

Further more for larger roofs or lean-to conservatories we can link multiple roof blinds together using a twin guide however each blind is able to be operated independently for maximum control.


Due to the position of where roof mounted blinds are situated our conservatory roof blinds come with the convenience of being controlled remotely or through an app. They are equipped with motors, controls, sensors, from Somfy, the leading name in the industry, ensuring they’re durable, are dependable, and operate smoothly for years.

The heart of our system is a powerful, concealed tubular motor located inside the roller tube where the fabric rolls up, making it invisible and unobtrusive. This setup allows for effortless operation via a remote control, a wall-mounted switch, or a smartphone app. You can also link to a smart hub and your home’s Wi-Fi. The app even lets you program the blinds to open or close automatically at specific times each day.

To ensure secure operation, the software uses a rolling code that changes every time you use the blinds, preventing any outside interference. The motor also has thermal overload protection to avoid damage from overuse, such as continuous activation by a child or pet. Moreover, the Somfy motor is designed with cutting-edge bi-directional (io) technology and obstacle detection to safeguard the blinds against damage. Especially useful for conservatories near trees where debris may fall onto the roof.

An optional but highly recommended feature is the installation of weather sensors. These sensors can automatically adjust the blinds in response to weather conditions, like retracting them in strong winds to avoid damage or adjusting them based on sunlight levels to optimise indoor lighting. These weather sensors add a layer of convenience and protection, adapting the blinds to your lifestyle and needs.

Why CB?

We are deeply committed to providing the highest quality shading solutions, and their myriad of advantages. With over three and a half decades of focused experience, our enthusiasm, knowledge, and expertise in this field are unmatched.

Founded in 1987, Caribbean Blinds is a celebrated, family-owned UK business that specialises in producing premium shading systems. These systems are designed to enhance the usability, functionality, and enjoyment of various spaces. Starting from modest beginnings, we have grown to become the foremost authority and preferred supplier in the UK. Our work spans across residential and commercial sectors, including contracts and trade, showcasing our products in the homes and businesses of selective customers nationwide.

Our luxury shading solutions offer a multitude of benefits for both homeowners and businesses:

  1. Unmatched Quality: Leveraging years of experience and expertise, we ensure our shading systems meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance. As we manufacture our products in-house, we maintain strict quality control, guaranteeing a superior product every time.
  2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Designed to mitigate the impact of direct sunlight, our shading systems help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, reduce the need for air conditioning, and lower energy expenses, contributing to a greener environment.
  3. Adaptable Solutions: Our shading products are versatile enough for any setting, including homes, businesses, and outdoor areas, offering customised solutions that boost both the utility and aesthetics of any space.
  4. Elegant Designs: We provide an array of design choices and materials to match varied tastes, ensuring our shading systems are not only practical but also enhance the visual appeal of any exterior or garden area with elegance and style.
  5. Renowned Expertise: With a legacy of over 35 years, Caribbean Blinds is recognised as the UK’s top supplier in the industry. Our reputation is supported by numerous awards and features in the media.

Discover more about our accolades and what makes us a leader in the field by exploring our press mentions and industry recognitions.

Caribbean Blinds wins Manufacturing Excellence Award

Made in Britain – Caribbean Blinds’ news product receives recognition with triple award shortlisting

External Blinds For Lean-To Conservatories - Made In Britain

Conservatories remain a popular addition to homes around the countries, providing additional indoor living space but with a clear view and connection to the garden. With all that glazing, however, conservatories are often the least used room in the home, as they are too hot in the Summer, too cold in the Winter and too bright all year round.

With the majority of the suns solar radiation entering through the roof, blinds mounted outside to the top of the roof glazing are the most effective way to restore the indoor temperature, as they prevent shortwave radiation reaching the glazing, eliminating excessive solar heat gain. Furthermore, thanks to our popular Twilight mesh fabric utilised on them, the view to the outside is maintained with bright light diffused through the perforated fabric structure, eliminating glare internally and also protecting furnishings from bleaching thanks to a high UV protection factor.

The built-in tensioning system means external roof blinds remain taut at every position and can be used partially or fully open depending on the time of year and how much solar radiation you want to prevent whilst the fabric runs within the U shaped side guides ensuring no annoying light leakage. An air gap between the underside of the side guides and conservatory roof eliminates any heat build-up between the two, with warm air simply ventilating away.

For large lean-to roofs, including verandas, roof blinds can be linked together using a twin guide, with each blind able to operate independently of each other for optimum control over shade to the indoor space.

External Blinds UK Manufactured In <2 Weeks


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Conservatory Roof Blind Reviews

You exceeded our expectations!

We are delighted with the external blind. Your team was efficient, friendly and courteous. The blind looks great and has, already, made a huge difference to how we use our south-facing lounge. After a somewhat hesitant start, we have arrived at a really satisfactory outcome. Thank you very much. You exceeded our expectations!

Phil - Worcester

Very efficient and tidy

The install team were lovely again, very efficient and tidy. Thank you and the team so much….one very happy customer ready for the sunny and hot day.

The service was excellent

We are really happy with the blind and the service was excellent from quote to fitting. I would definitely recommend you.

Holmes - Twickenham

Very impressive

Initial reaction is that the process and product have both been excellent. The fitters were very good, as were you… so far very impressive, and I would be happy to recommend you.

Wilkinson - East Molesey

An absolute pleasure

I just wanted to say that your service men were an absolute pleasure to deal with today! They are excellent ambassadors for Caribbean Blinds.

Reilly - Twickenham

The blind is incredible

I thought I would wait a little while to see how the blind was functioning before I contacted you again but I would just like to say the external roof blind has transformed the way we use our room. The space would have been virtually unusable over this summer but the heat reduction on using the blind is incredible. I am now thinking of other areas in the house that would benefit from external shading.

Robinson - Walton On Thames

The two fitters were fantastic

We are extremely pleased with both the blinds and the service. The two fitters were fantastic and we cannot wait for our awning now!

Taylor - Teddington

Really happy with the blind

Really happy with the blind, functions perfectly and the installers were great.

Rayner - St. Neots

Fantastic job

The team were very professional, did a great job and the product is lovely, really good quality. The best thing is that it looks like it has always been there, which helps fussy self-builders like us!

Fantastic job, thank you.

Cope - Staines