Premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics, provide cooling shade and the highest UV protection.

Streamline headbox protects the fabric from inclement weather when the blind is not in use.

Privacy, light control & energy efficiency.

Premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics, provide cooling shade and the highest UV protection.

Streamline headbox protects the fabric from inclement weather when the blind is not in use.

Privacy, light control & energy efficiency.


Our Window Blind Models

Antiguan Blind

  • Full cassette headbox
  • Up to 6m wide x 6m high (max 18m/2)
  • Slim guides with windproof ziplock technology
  • 100’s of hardware colours & fabric choices
  • Motorised remote / app control operation
  • Sun & wind sensors (optional)
  • Face and side fix guide mounting options
  • Wind resistant upto 31mph (Beaufort 6)
  • From £2,495 inc vat, installation & 5 year guarantee
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Dominica Blind

  • Full cassette headbox designed to be integrated
  • Up to 6m wide x 3m high
  • Slim guides with windproof ziplock technology
  • 100’s of hardware colours & fabric choices
  • Motorised remote / app control operation
  • Sun & wind sensors (optional)
  • Face and side fix guide mounting options
  • Wind resistant upto 31mph (Beaufort 6)
  • From £2,695 inc vat, installation & 5 year guarantee
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Hardware Mechanism
Why CB?
Hardware Mechanism

Our commitment to offering dependable and superior shading solutions is evident in our collection of window blinds, specifically designed to withstand the changeable British climate.

Crafted from premium components, these blinds are built to resist both wind and rain, promising enduring reliability and performance in all kinds of weather conditions across the UK. Each blind is encased in an elegant, fully enclosed cassette, ensuring the fabric remains secure and protected against the elements, while also providing a neat and refined look. The Dominica Blind, in particular, boasts an integrated cassette designed to merge seamlessly with the façade for a perfect, unbroken finish.

To guarantee resilience against outdoor conditions, we use corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminium for all hardware parts, finished in a classic anthracite grey.

Our window blinds come with a sophisticated tensioning system that ensures the fabric is always perfectly stretched, allowing for exact control of light and temperature within your space. Additionally, these blinds incorporate a zip lock mechanism, making them resistant to strong winds – especially useful when installed higher up. This locking system also stops any strips of light from coming in from the sides as the blinds are totally sealed.

For wider window areas, we can link multiple blinds with a twin guide system. This innovative feature allows each blind to be controlled separately, affording you total autonomy in managing sunlight and shade.


Installed on the exterior of windows, our blinds are enhanced with the convenience of being operated via remote or an app. Equipped with motors, controls, and sensors supplied by Somfy, a leader in the industry, these blinds are assured to provide reliable and seamless performance.

Concealed within the blind roller tube is a tubular motor, where the fabric is stored, keeping it out of sight and ensuring it complements your home’s exterior seamlessly. This setup allows for straightforward operation through a remote control, wall switch, or a smartphone app connected to a smart hub and your home’s Wi-Fi network. The app’s functionality includes the option to program the window blinds to open or close at set times automatically.

The motor comes with built-in overload protection to prevent damage from overuse, such as inadvertent continuous activation by pets or children. Moreover, the advanced bi-directional (io) technology and obstacle detection feature of the Somfy motor provide added safety for your window blinds.

Adding weather sensors is an advisable option for those seeking further convenience. These sensors adeptly respond to changes in weather conditions, retracting the blinds in strong winds to prevent damage or adjusting them in response to sunlight levels to enhance indoor lighting or blocking the sun to avoid overheating of the indoor area. Weather sensors introduce an additional layer of customisation and convenience, allowing the blinds to be perfectly aligned with your personal needs and lifestyle preferences.

Why CB?

Our unwavering commitment to producing quality shading solutions is driven by a deep passion for our products and the significant advantages they offer. Boasting over 35 years of focused experience, our knowledge and skill in the sector are unparalleled.

Since our establishment in 1987, our family-run business in the UK has been celebrated for creating premium shading systems that markedly improve the functionality, comfort, and enjoyment of a variety of settings, whilst also offering economic advantages.

From our modest beginnings, we’ve ascended to the pinnacle of the industry, becoming the premier expert and supplier of shading solutions throughout the UK, catering to a wide array of sectors, including residential and commercial projects, bespoke contracts, and trade partnerships. Our products are a reflection of our pride, providing unmatched value to our customers nationwide.

Our luxury shading solutions bring a multitude of benefits to both private homeowners and businesses:

  • Unmatched Quality: With decades of accumulated experience and expertise, we ensure that our shading systems meet the highest levels of quality, durability, and functionality. Our dedication to manufacturing our products internally enables us to maintain strict quality control, ensuring every item consistently exceeds our rigorous standards.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Thoughtfully designed to minimise the effects of direct sunlight, our shading systems aid in keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, reducing the need for air conditioning, and lowering energy expenditures, all of which favourably impact environmental sustainability.
  • Bespoke Solutions: We provide shading options that can be customised for any setting, whether it’s residential, commercial, or an outdoor environment. Our bespoke solutions are crafted to improve both the utility and aesthetic appeal of any space.
  • Elegant Designs: Our range features a variety of design choices and materials to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that our shading systems not only serve their practical purpose but also enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor or garden area with style and sophistication.
  • Acknowledged Expertise: Caribbean Blinds is recognised as the leading supplier in the UK, a status attained through more than three decades of continuous innovation and excellence in the field of shading solutions. Our numerous awards and media appearances underscore our reputable standing within the industry.

Explore our accomplishments and learn what sets us apart as the forefront leaders in the shading industry by perusing our press mentions and accolades.

External Blinds for Windows - Made In Britain

Just like patio doors, large panoramic windows, that create a feeling of endless space and provide additional natural light are often a cause of excessive solar heat gain, with the resultant effect of an uncomfortably warm indoor space, that is also too bright.

Framing windows in the same manner as a patio door, so they are unobtrusive when not in use, window blinds run down in front of the glass to stop the suns solar heat striking the glazing, preventing unwanted heat gain. Just like our patio door blinds, window blinds can be equipped with dimout fabric that keeps the view from inside to out or a blockout fabric that provides privacy from onlookers and virtual complete light block, so ideal for bedroom and home cinema room scenarios and also ensuring fixtures and furnishings are protected from bleaching by the sun.

Thanks to the locking mechanism that seals the fabric in the side guides, there are no annoying strips of light that shine through between the fabric and side guide (as there is no gap) and the blinds can withstand strong breezes and gusts of winds making them ideal for exposed or high-level installations including apartments and seafront properties.

External Blinds UK Manufactured In <2 Weeks


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Window Blind Reviews

You exceeded our expectations!

We are delighted with the external blind. Your team was efficient, friendly and courteous. The blind looks great and has, already, made a huge difference to how we use our south-facing lounge. After a somewhat hesitant start, we have arrived at a really satisfactory outcome. Thank you very much. You exceeded our expectations!

Phil - Worcester

Very efficient and tidy

The install team were lovely again, very efficient and tidy. Thank you and the team so much….one very happy customer ready for the sunny and hot day.

The service was excellent

We are really happy with the blind and the service was excellent from quote to fitting. I would definitely recommend you.

Holmes - Twickenham

Very impressive

Initial reaction is that the process and product have both been excellent. The fitters were very good, as were you… so far very impressive, and I would be happy to recommend you.

Wilkinson - East Molesey

An absolute pleasure

I just wanted to say that your service men were an absolute pleasure to deal with today! They are excellent ambassadors for Caribbean Blinds.

Reilly - Twickenham

The blind is incredible

I thought I would wait a little while to see how the blind was functioning before I contacted you again but I would just like to say the external roof blind has transformed the way we use our room. The space would have been virtually unusable over this summer but the heat reduction on using the blind is incredible. I am now thinking of other areas in the house that would benefit from external shading.

Robinson - Walton On Thames

The two fitters were fantastic

We are extremely pleased with both the blinds and the service. The two fitters were fantastic and we cannot wait for our awning now!

Taylor - Teddington

Really happy with the blind

Really happy with the blind, functions perfectly and the installers were great.

Rayner - St. Neots

Fantastic job

The team were very professional, did a great job and the product is lovely, really good quality. The best thing is that it looks like it has always been there, which helps fussy self-builders like us!

Fantastic job, thank you.

Cope - Staines